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omp teams distribute simd

Creates a league of thread teams to execute the structured block in the master thread of each team. It also specifies a loop that will be distributed across the master threads of the teams region. The loop will be executed concurrently using SIMD instructions.


The keyword spelling is _Cilk_sync. The header file <cilk/cilk.h> defines macros that allow an alternative spelling (in this case, cilk_sync). This document uses the alternative spelling as defined in cilk.h.

Optimize the Serial Program

The first step is to ensure that the C/C++ serial program has good performance and that normal optimization methods, including compiler optimization, have already been used.

As one simple, and limited, illustration of the importance of serial program optimization, consider the matrix_multiply example, which organizes the loop with the intent of minimizing cache line misses. The resulting code is:

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