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Overview: Intel's C++ Asynchronous I/O Extensions

This topic only applies to Windows* OS.

Intel's C/C++ asynchronous input/output (Intel's C/C++ AIO) extensions, like library functions or classes, can be used to improve the performance of C/C++ applications by executing I/O operations in asynchronous mode. In other words, the extensions initiate I/O operation and immediately resume normal tasks while the I/O operations are executed in parallel.

Function List

Many routines in the libbfp754 Library are more highly optimized for Intel® microprocessors than for non-Intel microprocessors.

The Intel® IEEE 754-2008 Binary Conformance Library supports the following functions for homogeneous general-computational operations:

omp cancel

Requests cancellation of the innermost enclosing region of the type specified, and causes the encountering task to proceed to the end of the canceled construct.

Intel-supported Pragmas

The Intel® C++ Compiler supports the following pragmas to ensure compatibility with other compilers.

Pragmas compatible with the Microsoft* compiler

The following pragmas are compatible with the Microsoft* compiler. For more information about these pragmas, go to the Microsoft* Developer Network (

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