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How to create stand-alone exe file?

Dear Users: With my old Digital Fortran (DF) I could run any '.exe' file directly from a command line or from MATLAB. How can I do the same with Parallel Studio XE? I do not want to do anything fancy, just reading in and writing out ascii files. My old DF exe still runs on Win10, but not the newly created exe performing the same under Visual Studio but not alone. In the latter case I get a message: 'mkl_intel_thread.dll cannot be found'. I also noticed that the new exe is much smaller than the old (DF) exe that actually still runs separately. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Joe.

Abaqus 6.13 fortran subroutine dll import is not working

Hi everyone!

I have a question about importing dll library in abaqus user subroutine.

I use abaqus 6.13-1, VS2012 and intell parallel studio XE 2013 to do some analysis.

But when I tried to use user subroutine that contains dll library, error is occured like this


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