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Failure to detect the standard prohibition on the use of a non-intrinsic procedure in an initialization/constant expression

A support incident # 02999251 has been submitted at the Online Service Center to resolve a failure by the Intel Fortran compiler to raise an error when a non-intrinsic procedure is used in an initialization expression.

Shown below is an example of this problem where the named constant declaration on line 12 uses a non-intrinsic procedure, construct_t, via the generic interface that has the same as the type t that is involved in the declaration.  This is, unfortunately, not allowed per the current Fortran standard.

VS2017 and IVF Can't compile from Visual Studio

I have just installed VS2017 and IVF version 17 on a Windows 10 machine.
When I try to build a Fortran project nothing happens. Same if I try rebuild.
Building a C++ project works.
Running ifort from the command line works.
Previously I used VS2015 with the same compiler without problems.

Build Log
 Build started: Project: ABCD, Configuration: Debug|x64 

Deleting intermediate files and output files for project 'ABCD', configuration 'Debug|x64'.

ABCD - 0 error(s), 0 warning(s)


rc.exe not found

Hi, i'm trying make visual studio community 2017 works with intel visual fortran 2017 but i'm receiving a message of error "rc.exe not found" when I try compile the program. I already unstalled and reinstalled the two several times, i can't not stand it no longer kkkkkkkk Help me, please!!   

Intel compiler integration with Photran under MacOS

Hi, I would like to know if there is or will be a way to integrate the intel compiler in the Eclipse IDE (Photran) for MacOS. I tried to integrate the two following the instructions for Linux that I found here:

but in the ide_support_2017 folder the only option I have is xcode. 


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