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what happened to XE 2014, 2015, and XE 2016 ?

I looked at that registration page with my current license, and all I could find was the XE 2017 stuff, and XE 2013 Build 6.

Are we to understand that those other releases are forbidden to us ?

What is wrong with them ?

Anyway, I went ahead and installed XE 2013 because there are several issues with 2017.

Better that, than nothing - - - -

License renewal clarification


in the beginning of the year I purchased a license renewal. the order summary minus the serial is given below. This was the product recommended by the registrationcenter websitre for license renewal. It took me until the weekend to actual update to the latest version and found that the license is not valid. I contact support ( and got the following response:

"Hi Sir,

How to change /Qvc after Installation


I am using Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015 Update 7 Composer Edition for Windows to compile Fortran files with  C-Files. I addition I have installed Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio 2015.

I have a solution opened in VS2015 which is a mixed Fortran/C-solution to generate a static lib file. The platform toolset of the C project is set to VS2013, but when I compile the Fortran project the /Qvc14 switch is set. How can I change to /Qvc12 to use VS2013 instead?

Link error using makefile

This is a simple test for ifort.


integer a,b,c
a = 1
b = 2
call sub(a,b,c)


subroutine sub(a,b,c)
integer a,b,c

The makefile is:

lib     = sub.lib
exe     = test.exe

    ifort /c sub.f90
        lib /out:$(lib) sub.obj

        ifort test.f90 sub.lib

 -del *.exe *.obj

I first make the library with the command

make sub.lib

How do I get my fortran back ?

I just had a computer "GO SOUTH" and I have the new one up and running.

But the Fortran XE 2017 I downloaded wont run. I installed it using my previous license file,

and it went thru all  62 pieces, but I get an unusable result.

So which Fortran should I get, and how do I get it ?

BTW why does a CR take me to the top of the page ?

Don't they test this stuff ?


Run-Time Check Failure #2 - Stack around the variable '.T5448_' was corrupted.


I'm  rookie in using Fortran. I'm using IVF 2013 and VS 2005 to compile and test a console application written by fortran. The code is intended to transform the residues and poles of a rational function into the form of numerator and denominator. Following is my code:


subroutine in ABAQUS read big data file


I am new using intel fortran to write subroutine for abaqus.

In my subroutine, I need to read some data (this data is pre-generated by matlab) and then pass to other subroutines for calculation. The data I am currently reading is text file, they are quite big and it seems that ABAQUS takes quite some time just reading this file. So I am thinking to use binary files instead.

Quickwin MENUQQ operations and control of child windows

I use Quickwin a lot, but not usually with customizations to the menu bar. When I have tried this, I have been bamboozled by its interaction with child windows. Specifically, sometimes, a "rogue" window "Graphic1" is created, which persists throughout the program, as I am not able to delete it programmatically.

Recently through LOTS of trial & error study, I have learned how to control the problem, so I wanted to (a) share it, (b) find out if this is the normal behavior, and (c) suggest better documentation.

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