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write an allocatable array in a file

I have a 2 dimension allocatable array which I need to write each row of the array in one line of output file. the problem is that I don't know the size of array so I can't use formats like '(8(f8.2,x))'. please consider this program:

program Console8

implicit none
integer(8) :: i,n,m
real,allocatable ::bt(:,:)
open(unit = 1, file ='output.txt')
do i=1,n
bt(i,1:m) = i
write(1,*) bt(i,1:m)
end do
end program Console8

Load Failed for C projects in a mixed language solution

I have recently migrated my VS2015 solution to a new computer and am having teething problems getting it to work.  

I have attached an image file showing the response in VS2015 and here is a list of the products in VS2015 and it includes C++ and the Intel Visual Fortran:

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2015

Version 14.0.25431.01 Update 3

Microsoft .NET Framework

Version 4.7.02558


Installed Version: Professional


Visual Basic 2015   00325-60005-53699-AA785

Microsoft Visual Basic 2015


Using Modules with DLL's

Can anyone suggest how to go about this I have a dll project that is launched by an exe. I created this example project below where the dcalc array has values and passes the array to one dll. Then the next dll has the array defined in a module.

At the point where the Dll_2_mod is called the values in the array are wiped out. 

The end goal in the real project is a number of dll's will be adding to the dcalc array and I did not want to change arguments to pass the array because the project already has a module layout.

Sample code:

Getting error message "error #7002: Error in opening the compiled module file. Check INCLUDE paths. [MPI]"


I am an engineering student, working on a project that requires the use of Fortran code (this is to clarify - I'm not a developer or a computing student, so I'm finding troubleshooting this software is a bit tricky...) The code I need to run uses MPI libraries.

Weird interaction with subroutine arguments

I don't know if this a bug or a feature or what but it's pretty sneaky and a really dangerous one.

program test_program
     implicit none
     real(8), dimension(2):: x
     call subroutine sub1(x,x)
     print*, x
end program test_program   


[On another module]

MATMUL fails in checking arguments shapes

Hi all.

I'm using Intel(R) Fortran Intel(R) 64 Compiler for applications running on Intel(R) 64, Version Build 20171018.

It seems to me that the shapes of MATMUL arguments are not checked for conformability if some of them is an allocatable array.
The consequent result are clearly wrong.

Here is a short example, in which the two arguments are clearly non conformable, being one a 1-by-1 array and the other a 5-by-5 array.
Nevertheless, neither at compile-time (that's understandable) nor at runtime there is a complain when performing MATMUL.

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