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How to import Pardiso.lib into Visual Studio 2013 (Fortran Compiler)?


I am running a Fortran routine on Visual Studio which requires the paradiso library.

I already importet it as it is discribed via "Additional Includes Direcotires" and the "drag and drop" function into the source file. Nothing seems to work. When trying to compile the code I get an error that it is not possible to include the file.
Unfortunately the insturction from Pardiso was not helpful, either.

Thank you in advance.



Fatal compilation error: Out of memory Asking for..

I have a program that has a large data module for which I am getting a fatal compilation error.  What makes my case especially curious is that, after investigation, I am finding that it compiles successfully simply by removing the comment lines.  This makes no sense to me, as comment lines aren't supposed to be compiled.  I have attached the example modules and compilation output.  

1. Successfully Compiled Routine: 30,570 lines

2. UNsuccessfully Compiled Routine: 66,198 lines

Calling non-deferred procedure in abstract type by parent name

So I have an abstract type with some stuff in it, and a procedure to set that stuff
module firstTypeMod
type, abstract:: firstType
    character(len=30):: tempChar
  procedure(defProc), deferred:: deferredProcedure
  procedure:: setChar
end type

abstract interface
  subroutine defProc(self)
     import firstType
    class(firstType), intent(inout):: self
  end subroutine defProc
end interface

 subroutine setChar(self, charIn)
   class(firstType), intent(inout):: self
  character(len=*):: charIn

  self%tempChar = charIn

Write to READONLY file error


I have simple parallel code(added in below (VS 2013 and intel xe 2017)). When i run it for one rank (mpiexec -n 1 c.exe) there is no problem. But when run it with 2 ranks (in one node) an error appear for second rank which is about writing to  READONLY file (text). But attributes of text file isn't read-only. In cmd i path to release folder that containing .exe file. what's wrong with the second rank? and is it right way to path for parallel running?


need help calling C from fortran

I have a fortran console application, and I'm having trouble calling a C function.  I am using visual studio 2010.  I made a simple fortran console program that does nothing more than call my C function, and that works fine.  But the console application that I really want to get working will not work.  I have exhaustively compared visual studio project settings, and I can't figure out why one runs and one doesn't.

Are there any likely culprits that would keep one from working?


Set Parameter To NaN

Is there anyway to use standard fortran to initialize a double precision parameter to a IEEE NaN. The following fails because the 


Ideally, I could have a global parameter value NaN that represents the FORTRAN NaN. I do not want to use the TRANSFER function with the integer that represents a NaN because that is not CPU/Platform independent.

thanks for your help

Subroutine missing

hi, this maybe sound strange but im using a program developed by some scientists many years ago which means there aint any problems with the program itself. the problem i face in it is a subroutine that is missing in the original program yet when i run the program, the program calls that subroutine and makes the calculations and outputs the results. i checked if there was an external function defined in the program with that name but there isnt any. I dont understand how can the program make calculation for a missing subroutine. i hope these words describe the problem correctly.

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