Intel® Fortran Compiler

Declarations for Derived Types

A derived-type declaration specifies the properties of objects and functions of derived (user-defined) type.

The derived type must be defined before you can specify objects of that type in a TYPE type declaration.

An object of derived type must not have the PUBLIC attribute if its type is PRIVATE.

A structure constructor specifies values for derived-type objects.

Assumed-Size Specifications

An assumed-size array is a dummy argument array that assumes the size (only) of its associated actual argument array; the rank and extents can differ for the actual and dummy arrays. An assumed-size specification takes the following form:

([expli-shape-spec,] [expli-shape-spec,] ... [dl:] *)

Deferred-Shape Specifications

A deferred-shape array is an array pointer or an allocatable array.

The array specification contains a colon (:) for each dimension of the array. No bounds are specified. The bounds (and shape) of allocatable arrays and array pointers are determined when space is allocated for the array during program execution.

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