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runtime error when using system() function


I have a working program, written in fortran, using Visual Studio 2010 and Intel Visual Fortran 2011.13.371.  A simple console application.

I'm trying to execute a system call from within my fortran program.  I added a subroutine to my program, with this code:









I call subroutine MINE from my main program, it bombs every time.

release dll linked with 64-bit libraries rather than 32 bit

When I build my release fortran .dll using Intel(R) Visual Fortran Compiler for applications running on IA-32,
version 16.0.2 Package ID: w_comp_lib_2016.2.180 under VS 2013, dependency walker shows that I am linked with the
64 bit libraries despite having selected the x86 solution platform.


If I edit the system path environment variable to remove the references to the intel fortran 64  bit libraries, I get a .dll that references the intel 32 bit libraries.


msvcr120D.dll missing when running exe file on other computer

Hello, I get the below attached error message when trying to run the exe file on a computer where the Intel Compiler tool is not installed.
I found recommendation in the internet to install additional runtime libraries, etc., but unfortunately I couldn't fix the issue. Where to change some settings in the MVS in order to include all necessary DLLs to the exe file? Any other recommendations?

Error message:
"The program can't start because MSVCR120D.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem".

Create a file code.f fortran 77

I installed Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2016 for Windows.
I want to create a file code.f but can only create files or code.for code.f90
I followed instructions
To use the Intel® compiler:
Microsoft Visual Studio * 1.Launch.
2.Select File> New> Project.
3.In the New Project window, select a project type under the Intel (R) Visual Fortran Compiler.
4.Select a template and click OK.

Please help, thanks



UDDTIO issues

UDDTIO just seems to be one of those areas that I can never get a clear run at, which means that I tend to avoid it, and hence I am not so familiar with it.  Apologies if that leads to some noise in the following.

The compiler is complaining about private components when an object in a namelist group is being handled by defined input/output procedure.  Note in this case the type of the object just has default accessibility for components of PRIVATE - there aren't actually any private components.

Overloading matrix-matrix multiplication

I tried to overload matrix-matrix multiplication through the operator *, but the intrinsic matrix-matrix multiplication has already existed as component wise multiplication, which triggers "conflict" error.

I think there are only two ways to avoid this conflict as

(1) Use my own data type in overloading the operation 

(2) Removing the intrinsic matrix-matrix multiplication

However, the first one is not desirable for me, since I need to use lots of matrix multiplication for lots of variables which requires large efforts to turn them into my own data type.

iostat 31 on write


I am migrating a legacy fortran program from HP UX f90 to Redhat Linux using the ifort compiler.  The program is throwing an error on the first attempt to write to a direct access file on the linux version. iostat is 31. The output file is opened without error. The program runs correctly on UNIX.  I’ve managed to isolate the code into a small test program provided below.  What is causing this error?  Please help, I've been struggling with this for a couple of days now.

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