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Is it "GOTO" or "GO TO"?

Quick question....I realize that the GOTO statement is to be avoided in programming but am curious as to which is the correct syntax for this command:  GOTO or GO TO. I know both versions are supported by the compiler but would assume the standard would be specific about which versions is "correct".  Older standards seem to use GO TO while more current versions show GOTO.  I could be wrong here so defer to the experts.


data type or not?

Dear all,

I have a question regarding data type.

I have some big vector: PP,TT,PET. I would like to put them in a data type variable

   INTEGER                                        :: nElem

In this way, my code should be easy to develop, to read and to parallelize.

faulty compiler error #6526

This is a simplied version of something I submitted earlier.

program Console11
    integer i1,i2,i3,i4,j
    do 10 i1=1,10     
      do 10 i2=1,10
        if(i2==i1)go to 10
        do 20 i3=1,10
          if(i3.eq.i2 .or. i3.eq. i1) go to 20
          do 20 i4=1,10
            if(i4.eq.i3.or. i4.eq.i2 .or. i4 .eq.i1)go to 20

20 enddo
10 enddo
    end program

This wont compile, unless I add another enddo line, i.e.

that I use Do 30, I4=1,10

Intel Fortran with Eclipse

I read an old post asking about this. It seems to never have been answered, with the discussion going off on mixed language programming.

Q: How do you set up Eclipse/Photran so that it works with Intel Fortran?

Maybe this is more of an Eclipse question, but I am guessing somebody on this forum has done it.

A pointer to something that explains it would be good.

I want to do this maybe first on Windows, but later on Linux.


17.0 update 1 coarrays on Windows 10 x64

I cannot successfully run any coarray program using the Intel 64 target compiler on 17.0 update one with VS2015.  Even the simplest program (just an END statement) results in an indefinite deadlock in WaitForSingleObjectEx across all processes created as part of running the coarray program. 

17.0 initial release works, 17.0 update one IA-32 works.

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