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visual studio debug display derived type sections


Using visual studio 2015 and intel fortran 17.1, should you be able to display sections (range) of a derived type that are not at the lowest level?

This upper level array syntax in VS 2015 debugger (1:2) in Elem field is failing in the watch window.  I thought this was going to work in 17.1/vs 2015.

                        Fem(m1)%Elem(1)%q(1, 6)            0.000000000000000D+000         REAL(8)

                        Fem(m1)%Elem(2)%q(1, 6)            0.000000000000000D+000         REAL(8)

error while using MKL library

Dear all,

I am running a program that has been running many times in a cluster.

Maybe because the cluster has been through software upgrade, there are errors while running the executable file a.out.

There is no problem for compiling and linking. Just error will show up while run the program halfway..

forrtl: error (65): floating invalid

Now we are using intel/17.0.4, impi/17.0.3.

PSXE2018 change to compilervars.bat?


"C:\Program Files (x86)\IntelSWTools\compilers_and_libraries_2018.0.124\windows\bin\compilervars.bat" intel64

under PSXE2018 now results in the current directory being changed from where the command was issued to in my case c:\users\dave\source

Why is this?  Is it possible to get this changed back to not affecting the current directory? This didn't happen in any previous version.


libifcoremd.dll libmmd.dll Missing Error


I recently installed Parallel Studio XE for Windows and Visual Studio and have had no trouble compiling and executing code. That is until I restarted my computer. Now, code that worked yesterday no longer works apparently due to two missing DLLs. I have found running the Parallel Studio installer again and choosing repair fixes the error until I restart again.

possible compiler bug: memory leakage with allocatable components

Dear developers,

We've been having difficulty with a memory leaks, and we suspect the problem is in the compiler. The appended code (test_leak.f90) is similar to ours, and reproduces the problem.

After executing the following commands, we see the memory usage of a.out increase approximately linearly in time.

ifort test_leak.f90
a.out &

We don't see what what's wrong with the code.

Undefined Reference to large number of blacs_* during compilation

When compiling with Intel Parallel Studio XE, my compilation failed and has a large of undefined references. The list is blacs_pinfo_ blacs_gridmap_ blacs_gridinfo_ blacs_exit_ The following is exported as environment variables export /opt/intel/parallel_studio_xe_2018.0.033/bin/ intel64 The Makefile has been renamed to a txt file for uploading purposes

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