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Parallel Studio XE 2017 u 2 causes VS2015 text editor to stop working

Just installed Fortran update 2 and its integration w/Visual Studio 2015 u 3 on 64-bit Windows 7.

Now when a document is opened in the usual way, from Solution Explorer, the tab is shown, but the document window is empty. The problem persisted even if VS was restarted, and happened with projects did not include Fortran sources as well as those that did.

When the system was rebooted and VS started again, the text editor works normally. So it must be an installer problem.

ICE C0000005 When compiling Fortran Module with Integer Parameter Statements

When using the 2017 Update 2, I get an ICE C000005  when compiling modules in my code which contain integer parameter statements at the module level and then are used within contained subroutines. In cases where it is possible, I can remove the parameter statement and the code is able to compile the module, however there are instances within my code where the integer parameters are used in case statements so those variables cannot be changed.

doacross internal compiler error

This is using the latest ifort 17.0.2 (same problem with 17.0.1; older versions not tested): when trying the examples for the OpenMP 4.5 doacross parallelization feature, I found that the compiler produces an ICE for


% cat doacross.2.f90 
subroutine work( N, M, A, B, C )
  integer :: N, M, i, j
  real, dimension(M,N) :: A, B, C
  real, external :: foo, bar, baz

How to disable implicit "save" attribute for variables declared in a module?


I'm dealing with a modular code in which several instances of a FORTRAN subroutine may coexist. The trouble is, these subroutines use a FORTRAN module (which has both variables and methods) - and each call is performed with different input. The general design requires these subroutines to work without influencing each other.

ishft not optimized in 2017.2

For a long time I used the ugly replacement of i/2 (positive integer) by ishft(i,-1).  If a compiler didn't optimize /2 with shifts, it could be very slow.  Now the new compiler no longer optimizes ishft.  I verified this so far for Haswell client and MIC KNC.

Context (netlib vector "seq function" benchmark):

  forall(i= 2:n) a(i)= b(i)+c(i/2)*d(i)

Integration of intel parallel studio cluster 2017 (fortran) with MVS 15

Hi Steve,

I followed "Troubleshooting Fortran Integration Issues with Visual Studio" but I am getting this error in command prompt

C:\Users\antari>cd %VS140COMNTOOLS%

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Common7\Tools>cd ..\..\Intel Fortran\VFPackages

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Intel Fortran\VFPackages>integrate.bat "%VS140COMNTOOLS%" /u
"VFHieEditor.dll" - unregistered
"VFAVwin.dll" - unregistered
"VFProjConvert.dll" - unregistered
"VFProj.dll" - unregistered
devenv /setup

cannot build an x64 fortran program

Hi, my os is win10 and I have intel parallel studio xe 2016 cluster edition and vs2015 professional edition installed. Now I want to build an x64 fortran code, in build--configuration manager, I have set the active solution platform to be x64. However after building, I got "fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'ifconsol.lib'", while building a win32 code shows no such error. What might be the problem? Thanks.  Attached please find my configuration. 


installing MKL C++ components seems to break VS 2015 integration


I installed PSXE 2017 update 2 today and in the customized installation section I added the C++ components of MKL (IA32, x64) for different reasons (Composer Edition for Fortran Windows --> no Intel C++ compilers). I experienced, that these MKL C++ components seems to break the Fortran integration for VS2015 (blank screen in editor, cannot compile).

Stack memory not freed?

Dear all,

according to a little test program (attached) it looks as if the stack memory is not freed after leaving a subroutine. I have had this problem with a much larger code, which after a while died because it was running out of memory. The problem can be solved by adding the compiler flag "-heap-arrays". (This is, however, only a partial solution to the problem because stack memory still seems to get eaten up in all the libraries that I use: MPI, HDF5, FFTW, ScaLAPACK.)

another lib link problem

Downloaded the latest fortran compiler with VS (parallel_studio_xe_2017_update1_composer_edition_for_fortran_setup).  Been several months since I tried to compile a version that ran on an earlier version of XE.  The build log is attached but appears the problem relates to finding the libadvisor.lib.

My compiler command line is :/nologo /debug:full /O2 /Ob1 /Qparallel /Qopt-prefetch=3 /Qipo /Qopt-matmul /I"\include\intel64" /arch:SSE3 /tune:haswell /extend_source:80 /module:"x64\Release\\" /object:"x64\Release\\" /Fd"x64\Release\vc140.pdb" /libs:dll /threads /Qmkl:parallel /c

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