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remark #8291


while compilation of source codes I am facing the following issue:

remark #8291: Recommended relationship between field width 'W' and the number of fractional digits 'D' in this edit descriptor

is 'W>=D+7'.


Allocation problems in Intel FORTRAN 16.0 update 1 64 bit in windows

I tried to develop a code and use LAPACK subroutines to calculate Eigen value and Eigenvector in the code and was succesful. The code runs without any errors. 


Since my main goal was to solve a large matrix and there are memory limitations in Windows, I tried to allocate and deallocate the arrays in the code. Before stopping the code, a pop-window shows and reports that the ***.exe has stopped working.


I have attached part of the code where allocation and deallocation was done for perusal. 

imsl routine for linear system equations

I tried to use the IMSL routine 'DLSLXD' to solve sparse and symmetrical positive definite linear system equations. The coefficient matrix of the system was stored in the required sparse form. When the code was executed, the responses was 'the system is not positive definite'. So I reconstructed  the coefficient matrix in the two dimensional n by n form from the sparse format and called another subroutine DLSLDS which solves positive definite linear system equations (not symmetrical, not sparse).

Where can I get IVF from

We currently have IVF in our office but have some FORTRAN code that does not compile under this compiler version and we don't know how to fix it. However we know that it compiles under IVF we were wondering if our license would work under the old version of IVF and if it would where can we obtain the installation files from.



Error in compiling submodule tree.

Good day everyone.

I have a problem in compiling a module-submodule tree where submodules include other submodules. For instance the following snippet fails to compile with ifort 17.1:

module leader
end module leader
submodule(leader) officer
end submodule         officer
submodule(officer) member
end submodule          member

giving the following error message:

Visual Studio Community 2017

I just purchased Parallel Studio XE 2017 Update 1 Composer Fortran for Windows but can not get it to install.  I am trying to install on a brand new computer running Window 10 Professional.  The instructions for the install all refer to versions of Visual Studio that are no longer downloadable/purchasable as far as I can tell.

Erratic behavior from Fortran compiler ?

Regarding formatted I/O, I don't get the same behavior from these two source code examples:


write(1,* )  (a(ira,kk),kk=1,nca)



write(1,*)     a(ira,1:nca)

The first one does it right, but the second one gives different results.

A is a 2-dimensional array, could be REAL, D.P. or integer.

The row number IRA is specified ahead of time.


Is there any reason why the compiler would give different behaviors ?


Nested thread parallelism in Python and Fortran

The purpose of this example is to find out how a program behaves when both the upper layer (Python) and the lower layer (Fortran) use their threading capabilities.

The Python3 caller script launches 2 concurrent instances of the same Fortran routine using the Thread class.

The Fortran callee is OpenMP parallel with OMP_NUM_THREADS set to 4.

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