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Scope of IMPLICIT statement in SUBMODULES

An earlier thread concluded that IMPLICIT (NONE) in a module applied to all procedures defined in the scoping unit of the module.

Now we have SUBMODULES we need to consider the scope of IMPLICIT again. SUBMODULES inherit the scope of the parent module, i.e. they see all the type definitions, variable declarations and the procedures and more I expect. So until now I was assumming they have visibility the IMPLICIT statements too. But by accident I discovered they don't. This seams an odd choice to me and something worthy of making a note of in the help file.

output format


I am trying to write my results in an output file but unable to write large data set. (compaq visual fortran)

    write(7,"(20(1X,F22.12))") (resul(jplot,ii),jplot=1,nusav)

i want to write hundreds of columns instead of just 20, but that doesnt work if i replace this 20 with a hundred or something like that. how should i proceed?


compile siesta-4.0 code by intel fortran

Hi all

I want compile siesta-4.0 code by intel fortran parallel_studio_xe_2017update1 but i don't know how to do it, when i apply the installation steps of this code in my cluster ( linux fedora24 system ) the gnu fortran who is doing the compilation what can i do to solve this problem ? 

with best regard Soumaia


Execution of installation process failed: vs_isoshell.exe 1603

Installation of Intel Parallel Studio XS 2017 on an off-grid Windows 7 Enterprise system is failing with

Module Name: vs_isoshell.exe

Application returned error code: 1603

This forum topic sounds similar:

Running .../installs/cmd_and_libs/143/ww_vsshel_2013_isolated/vs_isoshell.exe returns:

-CB finds issues where everything works as inteded?


when I run the following program

program testbounds
	implicit none
	INTEGER, DIMENSION (2) :: K = (/ 1, 3 /)

	A = 0.d0
	A (2, (/1, 3, 5/)) = 1.d0
	print*, A    
	print*, A (2, K)

end program testbounds

without check options it runs fine and delivers the desired result. When i use compiler option -CB I get

-pthread deprecated?

Hello there,

I am experiencing a very confusing problem. Previously I've been compiling my MPI program using ifort and the mpif90 script from mpich2. Never had any issues until this afternoon, when I all of a sudden get the following message when compiling:

ifort: command line remark #10010: option '-pthread' is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. See '-help deprecated'

Parallel Studio XE 2017 on MS Visual Studio CONFIGURATION

I am very confused when it comes to use the mpi library under the Visual Studio environment.

I have several folders with mpi stuff under IntelSWTools and have no clue if I even need an additional one besides the original installation.

I tried to include the path for each of these folders to the Project Properties (Fortran, Linker etc) but nothing seems to work.


Would anyone have a straight forward way to solve this?

I am trying Intel's example and the log is below.


Many thanks!

Intel 64 vs x86

This might seem pretty stupid but that's where I am stuck.

I am trying to build a Fortran application for a parallel machine using the Parallel Studio XE 2016 Cluster Edition on top on the MS Visual Studio Entreprise 2015. All works fine until I try to use the Intel MPI libraries, either the one embeded on the cluster edition or the MPI library 5.1.

Before submitting the code to the high performance machine, I would like to debug it locally.

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