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Direct Access file record length anomaly

I (lately) have a problem occurring when writing to direct-access files. Attached is the smallest code that reproduces the problem on my Win10 system. 

In the 'Debug' mode for x64 the code runs as expected: data is written to the direct-access file. In the 'Release' mode for x64 the following error message is produced:

error #5082: Syntax error, found ',' when expecting one of: => = . [ % (

I have following error while compliing codes using ifort.


error #5082: Syntax error, found ',' when expecting one of: => = . [ % (
           icalir(iIR), ipw, enev(iene)
xyx.f90(285): error #5082: Syntax error, found END-OF-STATEMENT when expecting one of: ] ,
           icalir(iIR), ipw, enev(iene)
compilation aborted for xyz.f90 (code 1)
make: *** [xyz] Error 1

the part of code is reproduced below.


question about IMSL IVPAG integrator

I am using the IMSL DIVPAG routine for numerical integration of an initial value problem (Gear option for stiff equations).  I've hit a bit of a snag.  I want to integrate for, say, 100 steps, and save the final system state vector.  Then run the code again, read the system state vector from the first run to use as initial conditions,and integrate another 100 steps.  I've done this and it seems to work, but results do not match a run of 200 steps in one go.  The first 100 match, but not the second 100 (close, but not close enough).  I'm guessing DIVPAG uses internally stored values that mak

Write to screen in the same line - Debug vs Release Mode

I am trying Fortran to output to screen without making paragraphs - i.e. output several times but in a row. The code below outputs correctly to screen if I compile the program and run it from the command line. However, it does not output to screen if I am using the debug feature of Visual Studio. Is there any work around or a better solution to this?

program test
   implicit none
   integer :: ind
   do ind = 1,20
      write(*,'(1x,i0)',advance='no') ind
      !Some other stuff here
   end do
end program

requesting a license file for XE 2018 Update 1 Cluster Edition for Windows 10

I tried many times now using the SN (VL8B-6RJK4LR4) you provided but kept receiving the following error message

“Install program failed to establish Internet connection for activation. Please choose alternative activation option.”

Could you please send me a “license file”?


Ifort, Static



We have faced the following issue and hope someone can help us to solve it.


We installed Intel compiler on our Linux server.  We used the "ifort -static-intel" to statically compile the Fortran code to generated the executable file and run the executable file on another server which is not allowed to install Intel softwares.  When we run the executable file on the server without installing the Intel softwares, it shows error:


Character substring dimension error

In a program I declare:



In the program the following is checked:


During execution, the program fails with the message:

forrtl: severe (408): fort: (18) Dummy character variable ‘PRINTFILE has

length 60 which is greater than actual variable length 4.

The program is about to be migrated from CVF to IVF, I do not understand what is wrong.

Can anyone give me a tip ?


Floating license - debugging code without compilation.


I manage a large group of engineers maintaining C code that is relying on my Fortran core dll.

During debug session they need to inspect the values in the Fortran code but they seldom change and recompile it.

Can this be done while not holding the Fortran floating license token?

Thank you.

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