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Allocatable dummy argument marked as non-standard in Intel documentation?

I've always thought that dummy arguments are allowed to have the allocatable attribute in standard Fortran (since 2003). I've used it several times and compiled with the -stand flag with no warnings. But in Intel documentations, this feature is written in green, meaning non-standard:
Notational Conventions
Array Arguments

makefile can't find ifort, ifort -v returns a license error

I installed Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition on my system running Ubuntu 14.04.4. I updated my .bashrc files to include /home/chris/intel/bin.

which ifort returns: /home/chris/intel/bin/ifort

However, when I try to use make to build an openmpi version of some Monte Carlo software, I get several error messages to the effect of


Unwanted screen erasures

I wasn't getting text drawn to the screen so I went thru a detailed debugging session and found my text was getting to the screen but then getting erased. The erasure was coming here:

   ! Read and process messsages
    do while( GetMessage (mesg, NULL, 0, 0) .NEQV. .FALSE.)
       if ( DlgIsDlgMessage(mesg) .EQV. FALSE ) then
           ret = TranslateMessage( mesg )
           ret  = DispatchMessage( mesg )
       end if
    end do

creating pdb file by ifort command

I am developing an UMAT subroutine for abaqus, which is a fortran code. I want to debug the soubroutine, so I need to compile it and generate the .obj and .pdb files. but when I use the ifort command to do that, only the .obj file (plus a .f90 and .mod files) is created.

I have Fortran Intel 64, version 11.1 and Microsoft visual studio 2009 (08 plus SP1). The command I am using is as below:

Segfault for array with both firstprivate and lastprivate clauses

In a computational code that manipulates arrays, I want to have OMP sections. One section will write an array to disk, while another section sorts it. To avoid a race condition, I give the array the firstprivate and lastprivate clause, expecting that the threads that execute the sections will both copy the array into a private variable and at the end the thread that sorts the array copies the result into the global, shared variable. This results in a segfault when I use ifort, but not when I use gfortran.

Protected variables in modules with sub-modules

module mymod
    implicit none
    integer, protected :: n  

        module subroutine set_n(i)
            integer, intent(in) :: i
        end subroutine set_n
    end interface		
end module mymod

submodule(mymod) mymod_i

    module subroutine set_n(i)
        integer, intent(in) :: i
	    n = i
    end subroutine set_n	
end submodule mymod_i

program test
    use mymod
    implicit none
    integer :: i

    i = 5
    call set_n(i)
    print *,n
end program test

The above code fails to compile with the error

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