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licence question: using ifort on AWS

Hi, I have been using a non-commercial licence. I am going to be using Intel Fortran on an AWS cluster. However, each time I create a new cluster I believe I will be getting a new hostid. Since the licence file is linked to both the serial number and the hostid, this may become a problem. I know I can add new hostid's to my account, but I imagine there may be limits on how often Intel is going to permit me to do this... Any advice on the best way to proceed would be appreciated.




Barabasi Albert Network Generator and Percolator compiles with g++ but doesnt on icpc with strange error

Here is a code that creates Barabasi Albert model for any number of nodes for any number of degrees, the code fully compiles with g++ but shows error while compiling with icpc(intel c++ compiler). I am attaching the code with the error report with this post.

the power function is serialized under Intel Fortran

I tried to use Intel Advisor to vectorise my program. and it tells me that the compiler con not vectorise some loops because it contain _powr8i4 which correspond to x**i (x:double precision and i:integer).

Why did not intel Fortran Compiler come with a vectorized version of _powr8i4 (or generally power function)?

and How to vectorise it (other than using MKL)?

NB: I did use the most aggressive optimization flags : /O3 /QxHost /Qipo /fp:fast=2

Intel Tools do not work well with Fortran Submodules.

The Intel tools ( Vtune Amplifier, Intel Advisor ) do not work well with submodules:

Before with Modules these tools give exactly the name of the function or the subroutine but if i use submodules it give only the name of submodules.

for example:

if I have a module with 3 functions fun1, fun2 and fun3 .  Vtune Amplifier give me

fun1 : 78%

fun2 : 12%

fun3 : 8%

with submodules it gives this

submodule1 : 78%

submodule1: 12%

submodule1: 8%

Integer value out-of-range: why warning in an initialization expression but not in an assignment?

Consider the following simple code:

   use, intrinsic :: iso_fortran_env, only : IK => int8

   integer(kind=IK) :: foo

   foo = int( 256, kind=kind(foo) )

Intel Fortran compiler gives no warnings with above code:

visual studio debug display derived type sections


Using visual studio 2015 and intel fortran 17.1, should you be able to display sections (range) of a derived type that are not at the lowest level?

This upper level array syntax in VS 2015 debugger (1:2) in Elem field is failing in the watch window.  I thought this was going to work in 17.1/vs 2015.

                        Fem(m1)%Elem(1)%q(1, 6)            0.000000000000000D+000         REAL(8)

                        Fem(m1)%Elem(2)%q(1, 6)            0.000000000000000D+000         REAL(8)

error while using MKL library

Dear all,

I am running a program that has been running many times in a cluster.

Maybe because the cluster has been through software upgrade, there are errors while running the executable file a.out.

There is no problem for compiling and linking. Just error will show up while run the program halfway..

forrtl: error (65): floating invalid

Now we are using intel/17.0.4, impi/17.0.3.

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