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rc.exe not found when compiling or recompiling


This is my first time using Microsoft Visual Studio and Intel Parallel Studio. Also, it's my first time programming in fortran and using fortran compilers. Please take note of that for the following!

I want to recompile a DLL file, but after a couple of seconds MS Visual Studio stops and send me the following error: "rc.exe not found".

FMI Fortran Wrapper


I am willing to interface an FMU (Functional Mockup Unit) to my Fortran code (IVF 12). The valid path i see would be to create wrappers for each of the C functions (using the C binding) and call from the main Fortran Subroutine.

The FMU in this case represent a time domain simulation model containing continuous and discrete states and projected for Model Exchange (FMI 2.0). This means that the FMU doesn't have the solver inherently and the solver would be written in the Fortran interface.

New bug (or feature) in ifort 17.0.x with procedure pointer: error #6138: An explicit interface is required in this context

Starting with ifort 17.0.0 code using (a certain definition of) procedure pointers does not compile anymore. It works with ifort <= 16.0.4 (tested e.g. with ifort 16.0.4, 12.1.0). The problem is reproducible for both, Linux and Windows.

Visual studio 2012 freezes when running the debugger

I am working with a large application written in Intel Visual Fortran. In order to limit jumping to internal procedures and staying within my loaded Fortran solution while debugging, I have set disabled address-level debugging in Debug>Options. This seems to work fine. However as I step through the main kernel of my program, and try to step into one of the subroutine calls, Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 completely freezes and stops responding.

problem with function returns from c++


Hopefully this should be easy...

I'm using fortran to call a c++ function.

This function returns the value 2 as a long - debugging shows this being set 

But when it comes back into my integer4 fortran variable I see the return value as -2147483648

Any thoughts about what might be going wrong?

Very grateful for any assistance.





error #6404 emerges when call a IMSL function

 Hi, I was using a second handed code which needs to call IMSL library. In the original code, it was written like 

use msimsl

 Within my current ivf + vs2013 combination, I change this into INCLUDE 'link_fnl_static.h' 

And there are two IMSL functions are used in my code, DNORDF and RNUNF respectively. When I built the project in VS, the compiler threw the error message

Problem Passing Data Structure to Fortran DLL

I'm trying to pass an integer and a data structure to a subroutine in an external DLL but I'm having a compiler problem with the data structure I'm trying to pass. The compiler error message is "Error #6633: The type of the actual argument differs from the type of the dummy argument [PDATA]" but I can't see why. The error message relates to the "CALL pMKL(1,pData)" line.

​I would also like to know how to avoid declaring my data structure twice.

Finally, is there an easier way to call a function in a DLL if the DLL and the calling program are both Intel Fortran?

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