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Are arrays whose dimension is parameter considered to be automatic arrays?

I have a moderate size code and I will run into seg fault if I don't set ulimit -s unlimited. From this observation I guess it's stack overflow issue. I make sure that no array temps were created by using -check arg_temp_created in all compilation lines. Now what I cannot 100% tell is whether there are any automatic arrays. AFAIK, automatic arrays are array in a subroutine or function whose dimensions cannot be determined during compile time, e.g. if the dimension is itself one of the dummy arguments of that subroutine.

Array Shape Check: New in Intel® Fortran Compiler 19.0 BETA

Array Shape Check: New in Intel® Fortran Compiler 19.0 BETA

The array shape checking feature implemented in Intel® Fortran Compiler 19.0 BETA checks for array shape conformance where it is required by the Fortran standard. When enabled, the compiler checks contexts at compile-time and will generate code that checks at run-time that the shapes of arrays conform in various contexts where conformance is required. Try this compiler option to help debug a program with arrays!

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  • OpenMP speedup not realized due to spin time

    I am attempting to speed up a large program. I have identified the hot spots using profiling, but when I use OpenMP to parallelize the key loops, I get only a slight speed-up (about 30%), instead of the ideal factor of 8, for the key loops.

    I created a smaller test program to figure out what is happening. This is the part containing the OpenMP loops (the complete program is attached).

    macOS Dynamic/Static Library Issues


    I have just installed the Intel Fortran compiler and libraries on my iMac (High Sierra) but I am having issues calling an executable from within an executable via the systtemqq line, say x=systemqq('./executable.x'). So, the call.x program below simply tells the command line to run executable.x

    I consistently get the error:

    dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/libiomp5.dylib


      Referenced from: /Users/username/folder/./call.x

      Reason: image not found


    Access violation after read beyond end of formatted file

    After switching part of my code to use 64-bit reals as opposed to 32-bit reals,  I have been experiencing crashes.

    The traceback starts as follows:
    forrtl: severe (157): Program Exception - access violation
    Image              PC                Routine            Line        Source
    libifcoremdd.dll   000007FEDE2F6AA6  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
    libifcoremdd.dll   000007FEDE3331DD  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

    And then refers to a routine that is modelled by the below routine:

    Need extension in evaluation duration of Intel Parallel Studio

    Hello all

    I have downloaded and installed Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018 update 2 cluster edition. I used it for few days and uninstalled. Now, my evaluation license key have got expired and i have got serial number to install full software. Problem is, when i am trying to use this serial key during installation process, it does not let me install software and gives error message. 

    Procedure entry point mkl_serv_set_xerbla_interface could not be loaded



    I am using Intel FORTRAN compiler inside Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. In my code, I use MKL library to do matrix inversion. I can run my program inside VS environment but if I try to run it outside( double-clicking on the .exe file) it gives an error. The error says "Procedure entry point mkl_serv_set_xerbla_interface could not be loaded".


    I am confused why the application cannot be run outside VS. If I comment the library functions (DGETRF and DGETRI), it works again. Can anybody help me on this issue?


    Thank you 


    Exporting commons

    I am working on a program inversion 2108 of parallel fortran.  The program has a main executable communicating with a dll.  I used the information in the article "coding requirements for sharing data in DLL's".

    I have a common named Reserves, and a subroutine call GetReserveFund.  The following statement was added to the main program:


    I then added this code the main program:


    Order of declaration statements with and without implicit typing

    I think I saw discussions on this topic already on c.l.f. I am having the following subroutine (and the recursive attribute doesn't play a role)

    recursive function constr_quark_loopline(ho,sho) result(cl)
        integer, dimension(sho), intent(in) :: ho
        integer, dimension(sho)             :: hor
        integer, intent(in)                 :: sho
    end function constr_quark_loopline 

    Intel gives an error message error #6415: This name cannot be assigned this data type because it conflicts with prior uses of the name.   [SHO]

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