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no print output

I have a problem that probably has a simple answer. When I install the sample NQueens Fortran program, it works as I would expect. However, when I try to create a simple program that prints "Hello world," I get no output. Specifically, I fire up Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 for Windows, choose File->New->Project and select Console Application and pick Main Program Code. The code template that automatically shows up just prints "hello world." I then pick Build, open PowerShell, go to the Debug folder, and run the program Console1.exe. Nothing happens.

Successfully compiled code in Windows prompts "This app can't run on your PC" error

I’ve been working with the EFDC model (Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code, an EPA-endorsed model on Linux, but have recently been tasked with making the code compatible with Windows 10. I compiled the code with the Intel Fortran v16 compiler, went through some minor compatibility changes, and then successfully compiled the code in both Debug and Release modes.

writing and reading derived types with pointers

Hi All,

I'm trying to save a write a derived type that contains a pointer to an unformatted file for later reading.  Below is a test version.  The derived type sol in module dType is separate because I'm patching together various Fortran codes (F95 and F77, etc).  The current version of the code "saves" sol1, but it seems to only save the pointer references, not their values, so when sol1 is deallocated, sol2 also becomes unreferenced.  I'm sure my hack on the UDTIO is not correct.

Any help would be appreciated (I'm still trying to figure out UDTIO).  Thanks


ifort 17 beta - ICE

 ifort -c -coarray cgca_m3gbf.f90
cgca_m3gbf.f90(116): catastrophic error: **Internal compiler error: internal abort** Please report this error along with the circumstances in which it occurred in a Software Problem Report.  Note: File and line given may not be explicit cause of this error.
compilation aborted for cgca_m3gbf.f90 (code 1)

The file a part of a coarray library:

problem with "deallocate"

This simple dummy program I have done to show the problem will compile with both ( gfortran and ifort 17.0.0 20160315 ).

With gfortran it works smoothly while with ifort it generates a SEGFAULT in the deallocation phase.

I can't understand if this is a problem of the program or a problem of the compiler.


Complex string inter language passing


I am really hoping someone can help me with this (hopes Lionel's ears feel warm). We have this VBA code and cannot change it:

Private Declare Sub Func1 "Dll1.dll" _
 ByVal TEXT1 As String, _
 ByVal intTEXT1 As Long)

Dim TEXT1 As String * 49152

TEXT1 gets set to "string1    string2    string3    and so on" before calling:

Call FUNC1(TEXT1, Len(TEXT1))

The Fortran code being called (originally Compaq) is:

ifort -- passing array of unknown size (subroutine output) to another subroutine

Hi all,

I'm new to Intel MKL. Here's a problem I've come across -- apparently a problem not related to MKL itself, but to the problem of how to declare and pass an array of hitherto unknown size as an output of a subroutine to another subroutine.

I'm trying to use mkl_ddnscsr to convert a matrix to its CSR format suitable for calling by Pardiso:

CALL mkl_ddnscsr(job,Nt,Nt,Adns,Nt,Acsr,ja,ia,info)

CALL PARDISO(pt,1,1,11,13,Nt,Acsr,ia,ja,perm,1,iparm,0,b,x,errr)


ifort compilation summary

I am currently working on a Cray HPC.  I am using Intel Fortran, but through Cray's recommended Fortran front-end wrapper, ftn.  Is there an ifort compiler option that will provide a compilation/linking summary of all flags used for compiling, linking, along with libraries/includes that were used?


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