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Additional Resources about COM and Automation (Windows*)

This topic only applies to Windows* operating systems.

There are a number of published books and articles about COM and Automation. Some of these are listed here as additional resources to assist customers who want to learn more about the subject matter. This list does not comment -- either negatively or positively -- on any documents listed or not yet listed. Books and related resources about COM and Automation include:

Using the fpp Preprocessor

The Fortran compiler preprocessor, fpp, is provided as part of the Intel® Fortran product. When you use a preprocessor for Intel® Fortran source files, the generated output files are used as input source files by the Compiler.

Preprocessing performs such tasks as preprocessor symbol (macro) substitution, conditional compilation, and file inclusion. Intel Fortran predefined symbols are described in Using Predefined Preprocessor Symbols.

Using Predefined Preprocessor Symbols

Preprocessor symbols (macros) let you substitute values in a program before it is compiled. The substitution is performed in the preprocessing phase.

The preprocessor symbols shown in the table below are predefined by the compiler system and are available to compiler directives and to fpp. If you want to use other symbol names, you need to specify them on the command line.

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