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LM 2.6 install on Linux fails to run the after installation configuration correctly


I am trying to install the Intel License Manager 2.6 for Linux on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 box. 

I have unpacked the tarball 'l_isl_server_p_2.6.0.003.tgz' and have run the install script, specifying my own installation path and location to the license file retrieved from my product page. 

The installation appears to complete without errors and creates the 'licenserver' which has the following contents

# ls -l licenseserver/

total 19604

compatibility inspector 2016 (now for real)

Sorry for that previous post, An unresponsive computer with me clicking on caused that.

I am wondering whether an inspector version 2016 would work with a later version of the compiler (e.g. 2018). If it works are there things that are limited somehow. Thanks for your thoughts. Note: I posted a similar question in the inspector forum.

Danny Lathouwers



code coverage: Execution count for all lines in program

In the gfortran compiler gcov allows the developer to determine how many times each line has executed in a program. For instance if i have a do loop, the instrumented code run shows me how many times the lines within the loop have been executed.

Is it possible to do the same in ifort? I get the color coded coverage and that's nice, but I need quantitative information about how many times all my lines have run, and then I'd like to sift through them to see which ones are running the most times.

Compiling for older Linux

I am using Intel Fortran compiler 17.0.4 on Ubuntu 16.04 .  I gave the compiled code to a user whose system has CentOS 6.9.  I was told that they can't run the code because the code was compiled for GLIBC_2.14, and they have GLIBC_2.12.  Is there a way for me to compile the code so that they can use it?  Do you think it would work if I link all the libraries statically?



anyone tried animate_open in a dialogue panel.

trying to load an .avi clip into the animation control for first time.

linker fails to recognise the animate_open API function.  Any ideas ?

use user32

use ifwin


TYPE (dialog) dlg

integer(HANDLE) hDlg, hwin_an1 

integer(HANDLE) hDlgProc


LOGICAL retlog


hdlg=dlg%hWnd ! Get the handle to the dialog window

hDlgProc=SetWindowLongPtr(hdlg, DWL_DLGPROC, LOC(MyDlgProc))

! get animation handles

hwin_an1= GetDlgItem(hdlg, IDC_ANIMATE2)

! initially load it and show it

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