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Fortran pointer error inside subroutine

Dear all,

The following minimal code will yield to many issues with ifort and visual studio 2013 12.0.31101.00 update 4, but I couldn't figure out what is wrong with it. It produces three issues when a structure has a member which has pointers as sub-structure. I also don't understand why it reports error when I pass the pointer inside a subroutine and declare it as pointer  (toBeCalled2). In fact, another piece of my code seems to be doing the same thing but ran into no issue. Any comment is appreciated

Allocatable Array of Inherited Derived Types Issues in Fortran

I'm attempting to create global-ish-ly available allocatable array of a set of derived types that share inheritance with a single object. Fortran does not seem to make this very easy. The below is what I have so far.

First the derived types and module with the allocatable array.

dynamic character array of deferred length in subroutine

I have found that that dynamic character array of deferred length in subroutine could not be allocated.

Here is the sample code. One array is declared in the main program (var name is array_main) and is being passed to subroutine. In subroutine this array is being declared as array_sub1. Also subroutine contains another array - array_sub2.

Calling C in dynamically loaded DLL from Fortran

I have always been using this method to call functions in a dynamically loaded DLL:

        logical function Check_Security_DLL(itype) BIND(C, NAME="Check_Security_DLL")
          integer(4) :: itype [value]
        end function Check_Security_DLL

      pointer (p_CheckSecurity, Check_Security_DLL)

      if(.not. LibLoaded) then
        dll_handle = LoadLibrary('Tec1.dll'//char(0))
        if (dll_Handle /= 0) then
          i_CheckSecurity = GetProcAddress(dll_handle, "Check_Security_DLL"C)
          if (i_CheckSecurity /= 0) then

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  • intel fortran compatibility with xcode 6.4 and osx 10.10

    I just upgraded to osx 10.10, and xcode 6.4 was automatically installed. i need to renew my intel fortran license, but before i pay for it i noticed that this combination is not listed here:

    so my question is: will the latest update of intel fortran work with this system? if not, what are my options.

    debugging sample project VB-Calls-Fortran.sln

    I have built this sample project, and it runs fine, but I'm having limited success with the debugger. The instructions say...

    To enable debugging of Fortran code called from Visual Basic, right click on project "VBCallsFortran" and then select Properties. In the left column, select Configuration Properties > Debugging. Check the box labeled "Enable unmanaged code debugging"


    I have Visual Studio 2013 with the Intel(R) Visual Fortran Compiler XE which is supposed to support the std_minus0_rounding compiler option but I cannot figure out how to set that option using the Visual Studio IDE.  Can anyone help?  Thanks.

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