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Is this is bug? Error: Invalid signal or error

Program Test
    implicit none
  REAL (KIND = dble), ALLOCATABLE, DIMENSION(:), TARGET  ::  wk3 , wk10,rsb0
  REAL (KIND = dble), DIMENSION(:), POINTER :: cpmu,rhocp,rsn
   INTEGER  err
   INTEGER  mswk10,mswk3,mst,ncomp,mstart
   integer m221,mrrb,msn,m
    REAL (KIND=dble)::result11

Random reading of an unformatted file?

Hi All,

I have a large file of geographic information created thus:

open(1,file=trim(shapefile),status='replace',form='unformatted',iostat=ios, &

I read the whole file and display its information on screen. The user clicks somewhere on screen and from that I know I have to re-sample a small part of the file starting at some byte N. Is there some Fortran way I can get at that byte number immediately without having to start from the beginning of the file?

Many thanks



Unresolved externals

I'm using the 30-day trial of the Intel Visual Studio 2015 with C++ and FORTRAN compilers. I'm evaluating for purchase and need some help please.

When trying to build a simple mixed language project with a C++ main calling a FORTRAN subroutine I get LNK2019, unresolved external symbol for "_sqrtf in function _G6".  The code is as follows:

--- C++ code ---

#included <cstdlib>

extern "C" void _cdecl G6();

using namespace std;

int main( void )



    return 0;


--- FORTRAN code ---

Compatibility VS2008 and IMSL7

Hello everybody,

I'm using intel visual fortran implemented in the visual studio software VS2008 (specifications' details are joined below). My problem is that I need some mathematical functions which are not supported by the MKL library. So I would like to have access to IMSL library.

My questions are:

1. Is VS2008 compatible with IMSL7 library?

2. If YES, how can I upload it and install it? Is it free of charge?

3. If NOT, what shall I do? Do I have to upgrade VS version?

I can provide, if necessary, my login ID or my serial code.

Support for passing internal procedures fails in parallel environment (not thread safe)

Fortran 2008 allows passing internal procedures as actual arguments and Intel Fortran supports this. A passed internal procedure can see host data so it makes it easier to write generic functions like a function integrator. In this test the host data is an element of an allocatable array. I passed the host data to my function integrator so that I could compare to see if it was the same data that could be seen by host association.

The test shows the data often does not match when using OpenMP. Try a break point on the continue statement.

Optional OpenMP-Directives


I want to put OpenMP-directives and OpenACC-directives in one program.

In the OpenACC-program some OpenMP-directives shall be ignored (when there is an equivalent OpenACC-directive) but others shall be used (when the code has to run on CPU)

In the non-OpenAcc-program all OpenMP-directives shall be used.

I tried to opt out OpenMP by a define. The following example is minimalist:

attempt to compare Qparallel vs. Qopenmp compilation (15.0.2)

I thought I remembered that it used to be possible to compile an OpenMP source file with /Qparallel, omitting /Qopenmp.   Now I get an immediate ICE when I try it.  I don't recall seeing any advice about new procedures needed, e.g. to prevent the compiler from seeing OpenMP specific stuff.

I would have kept quiet here and simply submitted it to if that site were accepting submissions.

Memory leak in FORTRAN format with variable string length


I am experiencing a memory leak of ~1MB in a subroutine if I am using the following write like statement inside:

10  format(1x,<var>a1)

where var is variable computed at runtime. Is this a known issue?

I am using ifort Build 20130607 under Windows.


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