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What is the effect of indirect recursion on ELEMENTAL procedures, especially finalizers?

The following simple code involving a linked list compiles with no errors or warnings with compiler 2015, update 2.  It seems to execute without any run-time exceptions as well.

However, you will notice the code in module m invokes a finalizer for the derived type for linked list (node_t) that has indirect recursion via clear_node_t; this is to work around the restriction in the standard that both RECURSIVE and ELEMENTAL attributes cannot be applied with subroutines.

What are the risks associated with such a workaround?

error #8055

Error 8055 occurred in my code.

program main
    integer n
    call func(a,n)
    subroutine func(a,n)
    integer n

Error    1     error #8055: The procedure has a dummy argument that has the ALLOCATABLE, ASYNCHRONOUS, OPTIONAL, POINTER, TARGET, VALUE or VOLATILE attribute. Required explicit interface is missing from original source.   [A]   

The above is just demonstration I wrote for my original code.

demo code specifically dll_shared_data

I recently downloaded composer edition XE 2015 update 2 for trial and I am trying to get 2 programs to share data, I have tried several things that I saw online to accomplish this, the 2 programs both will link but they do not share the data (i.e. the variable has one value in one program and a different value in the other)... I specifically have been trying a dll and the !DEC$ ATTRIBUTES DLLEXPORT (and DLLIMPORT) method 

IFLOGM dialog scroll bar position problem

I was making an update to my last remaining program that uses IFLOGM for dialogs rather than the Windows SDK. Consider the small routine below which gets the handle for a list box on a modeless dialog, gets the min / max range of the vertical scroll bar and then sets the current position to the max position such that you can see the info that has been put there.

fortcom.exe not found; How to set up command line for 64 bit builds?


I am running ifort via command line (via the windows start menu). I am receiving the following error:

ifort: error #10037: could not find 'fortcom'

ifort: error #10273: Fatal error in fortcom, terminated by 0Xffffffff

I have noticed that fortcom.exe is not within bin/intel64. However, there is a copy in bin/ia32. I'm guessing my install is not setup for 64 bit builds. How do I set it up to do so? Can I simply copy fortcom.exe over to bin/intel64.

Note that everything worked fine until I did an intel software update...


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