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sample_decode erro~~help me~


      i use the sdk to decode h264. when i run the sample_decode whith the parameter "./sample_decode h264 -i test.264 -rgb4 -o out.rgb"

will get an error when the program over, and i take an breakpoint to trace it. it occur in

mfxstatus MFXVideoSession::Close(void) {

     mfxStatus mfxRes = MFXCLose(m_session):m_session = (mfxSession)0;

     return mfxRes;

  but ,if no paramets "-rgb4" this error will never occur, please help me ,thanks very much!

 system :Windows 10

visual stdio 2012

Debugger unable to display array contained in derived type


I did post this some time ago on the Intel Visual Fortran forum, but I go no answer so far. I hope I will have more success on this forum.

Since months debugging has been a hell because of a bug in the Intel Compiler and/or debugger integration: basically most (but not all) arrays are displayed with the length 0 in the debugger, and their content cannot be shown. The bug happens with allocatable arrays, pointers or static arrays. Of course it makes debugging pretty impossible, and I have to use WRITE statements... For instance the debugger shows me this:

gdb woes

Have Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition Version 16.0 update 3 installed on Cent O/S 7.2 and am having debugger issues (gdb-ia).

Using Eclipse neon on KNL with PHOTRAN extension.

The application is

C main compiled using the Intel mpiicc (the C main is an MPI process stub)
C++ code with OpenMP (num threads set to 1)
Intel Fortran .so library which is being debugged

gdb-ia version 7.8-16.0.768
Note, on startup it emits

warning: Cannot parse .gnu_debugdata section; LZMA support was disabled at compile time


idb causes a long wait before displaying the source

I have noticed that is problem is not there in the command line version of idb.

Once a source had been compiled with debug options, and idb is fired:

idb ./executable

followed by "open source file", it waits a long long time and the source is not displayed. My only option is to kill the session and fire-up idbc, the command line version of the debugger.

I tried with versions 11.1 and 13.0.1 with the same result. Can anyone tell me a remedy?




gdb-ia crashes when reading symbols from executable (linux)

I am trying to debug a crash in our Fortran / C++ application.

Fortran compiler is
12:17 $ /opt/intel/bin/ifort --version
ifort (IFORT) 15.0.6 20151119
Copyright (C) 1985-2015 Intel Corporation.  All rights reserved.

C++ compiler is:
12:17 $ gcc --version
gcc (Ubuntu 4.9.3-8ubuntu2~14.04) 4.9.3

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