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PEBS events for Haswell architecture

Hi all, I'm new for PEBS (Precise Event Based Sampling), I want to collect CPU stalled cycle due to memory access based on PEBS (need bound to specific data address), is there any event I can use on Hawell EP architecture? My CPU is Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 v3 @ 2.40GHz. Also, is there any document or link describe about all events support PEBS? Thanks.


Problem installing .apk on device

I built an application .apk and installed on my device without any problem, just to test it, it worked properly

I built another one but couldn´t installed it

Trying several things I discovered that when I delete the previous app on my device I can install the new one, but I can´t installed the two apps at the same time

Built with Intel XDK, installed on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7, both same problem

Any idea?




please fix HAXM compatibility w/ Hyper-V and xhyve

view it on GitHubCould you Intel folks please fix HAXM compatibility w/ Hyper-V and xhyve and VirtualBox?

We're getting so much finger pointing...all we want to do is be able to use Docker Native/Toolbox on Windows or Mac w/o having the Android X86 AVD emulator (based on QEMU and HAXM) blow up :-P

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