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Actualizaciòn intel xdk 3522

I had time without using the XDK intel and upgrade to 3522 everything is very different, not find ways to continue with my projects because they are not in dodne enter project data or coo compile find nothing of options, in the part that says lot device always tells me on ssh connection Error: Error: connect ECONNREFUSED when income data, have some guides in dodne were the above?

HAXM doesn't work

Hello, I use Android Studio and I wanted to use the emulator. I installed HAXM and my error is : /dev/kvm is not found. I tried to install HAXM without Android Studio and I have two errors : - During the installation : Failed to configure driver : unknown error. Failed to open driver. And after Windows says : (I'm French, I translate) Windows has blocked the installation of an numerically unsigned driver . Uninstall the program or device who use use it and search a numerically signed version of the driver on the editor's website. I hope you can help me, thanks a lot.



Android: Using Intents with Intel XDK Buttons


I've downloaded and created an android application with multiple graphic buttons.  The idea is to click on a button and have the system prompt for a user to select one of the installed web browsers on the device to open a hard-coded URL.  From what I've read the best way to do this is by using Intents but it doesn't seem to work.   I can get the default browser to open by specifying'','_system','location=yes');

Recover a deleted key.

Hello ! (I apologize in advance but I do not speak English and my text is translated with google translation)

I wanted to get an update from my Android application unless an error message saying that I do not have the same digital fingerprint that the latest version.
I know why, it's because I changed intel xdk account.
So I picked up the old account but I remember you remove the key with which I compiled the project.
Is there a way to retrieve a deleted key?

failed to configure driver

I'm running into an unknown error when trying to install HAXM on my machine(Windows 7 64bit, Intel Core i5-6600, Intel H110 PCI motherboard).  I've checked my BIOS settings to ensure that virutalization is enabled.

I found the haxm_install_log.txt file and have included it as an attachment.

Multiple HAXM AVDs

Hello All,

I have configured a beefy i7 machine to run multiple HAXM accelerated AVDs. However, I run into this seemingly arbitrary hard limit of 8 simultaneous devices, where in which starting my 9th emulator results in:

Help with data base


I'm very new on this world, I'm a videographer, not a coder, I lunch a website platform for upload videos and sell it.

I'm now working in the app, also very  new on this, but, reading and watching, I have something here. I have a Login main page, then, a page where user can choose if he want to record a video, upload a video or visit his profile, I create to profile page and everything it is going well.

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