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To create Dev Story/*HACK THE CODE*/ we used the Intel XDK and Crosswalk with a couple of open-source javascript libraries.

Panda.js – HTML5 Game Engine
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Why the HAXM can not install ?

My OS is WIN7 ,32bit
and the  CPU is i3-3220 Processor (  3.30 GHz),

I double clik the intelhaxm-android.exe, their  no any response,

I also try to use the silent_install.bat -m 2048 to install,
is show "Intel HAXM installed successfully!"
but i run   silent_install.bat -v to check ,it print nothing;

can somebody tell me ,the  HAXM install depend some other software  ?


haxm can not be install show"Failed to configure driver: unknown error. Failed to open driver

i have tried everything enabling virtualization in BIOS,reinstalling HAXM,Workaround patch for HAXM nothing working at all.while reinstalling it shows error"Failed to configure driver: unknown error. Failed to open driver" can any one please help me to yell how  install processor is intel i5-42000U compitable with virtualization i am running window 10

while running AVD it shows dev/kvm is not found

please help me?

Cannot uninstall HAXM 1.1.1 to upgrade to 6.0.1

Hi All, 

I Have a Windows 10 machine with HAXM 1.1.1 running. I want to upgrade it to 6.0.1 but it wants some msi package which I do not have to uninstall v 1.1.1. I don't know what to do, I downloaded an old installer package 1.1.1 and point to hax64.msi when it wants to uninstall but it says its an invalid package.

Stuck here as I cannot uninstall or upgrade to a new HAX version.

If anybody knows what to do, please tell me as I'm stuck and it sucks.



Error when overlaying bitmaps

Im trying to overlay images on a canvas using the following method:

private Bitmap overlay(Bitmap bmp1, Bitmap bmp2) {

    bmOverlay = Bitmap.createBitmap(70, 70, Bitmap.Config.RGB_565);
    canvas = new Canvas(bmOverlay);
    canvas.drawBitmap(bmp1, 0, 0, null);  //line 179
    canvas.drawBitmap(bmp2, 0, 0, null);
    return bmOverlay;           
However, my app keeps crashing and the log reads:

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