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I can create the apk but can't open on my device

I just have problems where I didn't have before. I'm using Construct 2. Last year I create a native apk (not signed) for play only on my device (for my daughter) and I use Intel XDK to create it. I remember I had some problems that I fixed using an old Cordova CLI version 4.1.2. unchecking some plugins (don't remember wich of them). But what I find now is that can't use this version anymore.

How to build Rest API on design view

Using Intel XDK, Create an rest api successfully. our rest api listed in Explore Services list

Try it and get data in JSON formate we have done Data Binding, Now we list api Data Binding in Services method.

create a page and take a drop down fields.

Now we go to bind our service method on that drop menu using drag and drop design pattern but we are not display rest api data in drop down.

How to Show Rest Api Json Data on Design View.


Crash log information

Hey guys, i have a couple of questions regarding an Intel crash on an Android application. This is a game made with Unity with native support for Intel with x86 libs. We load some of our own .so x86 libs as well on app boot, and the crash is on one of our libs.

The first question is, how is it possible that the crash log has the namespaces and function names instead of memory adresses if the libs have no symbols? Crashes on arme abi's normaly have something like [libName].[memoryAddress]

Is HAXM running

I am running the Android Emulator on Windows using an x86 kernel. I see  a message from the emulator that says "CPU Acceleration status: HAX (version 3) is installed and usable". An "sc query intelhaxm" shows haxm running. My question is: is it really running in the emulator? On a previous version it said haxm was working or running, not just installed and usable.




PEBS events for Haswell architecture

Hi all, I'm new for PEBS (Precise Event Based Sampling), I want to collect CPU stalled cycle due to memory access based on PEBS (need bound to specific data address), is there any event I can use on Hawell EP architecture? My CPU is Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 v3 @ 2.40GHz. Also, is there any document or link describe about all events support PEBS? Thanks.


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