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please fix HAXM compatibility w/ Hyper-V and xhyve

view it on GitHubCould you Intel folks please fix HAXM compatibility w/ Hyper-V and xhyve and VirtualBox?

We're getting so much finger pointing...all we want to do is be able to use Docker Native/Toolbox on Windows or Mac w/o having the Android X86 AVD emulator (based on QEMU and HAXM) blow up :-P

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  • VCPU shutdown request

    Just moved to a new machine running a 7th gen processor and can't seem to run any emulators that utilize haxm. Most recent version and from what I can tell I have the same settings on my old machine with a 6th gen processor.

    Emulators work on hyper v and if I use the arm image but not x86 via the android emulator. The message below repeats over and over.

    Hello Cordova?

    I am using Construct 2.  I created a file, built the apk.  Now it says Hello Cordova?  Unless I need to copy and paste the Construct 2 build files into the project directory.

    I created a directory file and copied and pasted the Construct 2 files exported from Construct 2 using Cordova into the project directory.

    I also tried using Source Directory, but to no avail.  In a previous version of Intel XDX you picked a folder with files in order to build an APK.


    Chinese Cherry Trail Z8300 tablet not USB visible

    Hi All,

    We have bought a chinese tablet with Atom x5-Z8300 processor.

    However, today, we can't use ADB and we don't know why.
    When plugged in the PC/Mac (we tried both), the tablet is not even detected on USB.

    I have installed in Windows all the recommended drivers (Intel Android USB drivers) and application (Platform Flash Tool Lite) but can't detect it.

    However, it seems usb port exist on the tablet (using application called USB Device Info):

    USB1 : path: /sys/bus/usb/devices/usb1/
    USB2 : path: /sys/bus/usb/devices/usb2/

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