Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives

Intel® IPP 2018 Update 1 is now available

Intel® IPP 2018 Update 1 is now available. Intel(R) IPP 2018 release added new functions to support the LZ4 data compression, introduced the standalone cryptography packages, and added the optimization code for the GraphicsMagick source.  Intel IPP 2018 Update 1 added new Platform-Aware APIs, and extended optimization for Intel® AVX-512 and Intel® SSE4.2 instruction set.

Check Intel® IPP 2018 Update 1 release notes to learn more information.

OpenCV on Xojo

Anyone familiar with Xojo / RealBasic and the port of OpenCV to that environment?  I'm trying to use IPL to convert an RGB image to an RGBA image... should be pretty straight forward but I'm crashing...

This should be quite simple I have a memory block or RGB samples in a matrix form all packed no column rounding even or odd widths.



Intel IPP Zlib Build giving 3x slower speed than normal zlib dll in compression and decompression

I have build zlibwinapi.dll and zlib1.dll by using Intel IPP documentation and resources with latest IPP library. I build the dlls also and tried to use with my program to enhance its speed, but it gave same results and speed as normal public zlib. The program is a compressor and it supports zlibwinapi.dll placed nearby to it so it takes functions and calls from there. Can someone from here tell me what I am doing wrong even after following Intel IPP documentation for building the dll or if possible somebody can send the zlibwinapi.dll and zlib1.dll to me made with Intel IPP?

Ipp complex/float multi-rate FIR filter usage

Hi there,

I am using ippCore 2018.0.1 (r56998) and tried to initialize the multi-rate FIR filter specification structure for the Ipp32fc (complex) source/destination vectors and the real Ipp32f (float) filter coefficients, but ippsFIRMRInit function generates error about real float filter coefficients type. How can I configure multi-rate FIR filter for processing complex data with real float filter coefficients?


Ipp multi-rate FIR filtering ippsFIRMR_32f, ippsFIRMR_32fc problem

Hi there,

I am using ippCore 2018.0.1 (r56998) and having some problem with Ipp32f (float) / Ipp32fc (complex) multi-rate FIR filtering. I tested the filter for upFactor = 1, downFactor = 1, number of filter coefficients tapsLen = 4 - 40,  the filter coefficients are the same - all ones / random,  the source vector is all ones / random and got the following results:

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