Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives

Super-resolution image (huge image) support in Intel® IPP 2017 Beta

Intel® IPP 2017 Beta introduced the new APIs (Intel® IPP 64x functions) that can support 64-bit data length in the image and signal processing domains.  The Intel® IPP 64x functions are implemented as wrappers over Intel® IPP functions operating on 32-bit sizes by using tiling and multithreading. The 64x APIs support external threading for Intel® IPP functions, and are provided in the form of source and pre-built binaries.

Attached is the file provide a quick summary for these functions.   Your feedback is welcome if you have chance to evaluate these new APIs.

Intel® IPP 9.0 Update 3 is available

Intel® IPP 9.0 Update 3 is now available.  IPP 9.0.x release added the new Intel® AVX-512 optimization for the computer vision and image processing functions, extended optimization for Intel® Atom™ and Intel® Quark™ processors, and included the new APIs to support external threading.

What's New in Intel® IPP 9.0 Update 3:

  • Improved zlib decompression performance for small data for Intel® 64 architectures.

Removed/changed functions in IPP 9

I am trying to build an application against IPP 9 that was last built with IPP 7. As expected, there are many functions missing, but the majority are provided in the legacy package available with IPP 9. However, I am left with a relatively small set that are not in the legacy package and have either been removed since 7 or had their signatures changed. I presume that the legacy package just fills the gap between 8 and 9 (?).

the function"ippsRSA_SetPrivateKeyType2" return error,the return value is ippStsBadArgErr

Dear Intel support,

Recently we met a ipp library load rsa private key issue.when I use ipp librara to load a special RSA private key,
the function"ippsRSA_SetPrivateKeyType2" return error,the return value is ippStsBadArgErr. But ipp 6.2 can load this special RSA private key.
By the way,openssl can load this special RSA private key.
I will attach a simple test code,RSA private key and certificate file.

P.s, we are working on FreeBSD 10.0 platform.IPP version is 8.2

Need your help.



ComputeThreshold_Otsu Bug(?) when applied to already binary images

Hi all.

I discovered that when you apply ippiComputeThreshold_Otsu_8u_C1R to an 8 bit gray image that only contains 0 and 255 (i.e., is already binarized), the resulting Otsu threshold is t = 0.

From my reading of the documentation, I expected that the "lower" of the two Otsu classes would be all values strictly less than the resulting threshold, i.e. the threshold could have been any value between 1 and 255. The value zero results in a uniformly white image after thresholding regardless of the input.



IPP environment configuration

Hi,Recently, I met a problem when I was use of IPP library programming.My IDE was vs2010+IPP9.0.There was no problem until I accidentally changed the Property Manager int the Debug | Win32 name(actually,It is not allowed).IDE's warning, so I am forced to shut down vs.When I once again open the IPP can run before application, pop up the following questions:

"Function is not match with any IPP function: ippiAlphaCompC_8u_C1IR" with ipp_custom_lib_tool

I'm trying to create my own shared library using ipp_custom_lib_tool from IPP 9.0 Update 3 on Ubuntu 14.04.1 64-bit.

I'm using the following export.txt:


And running:

Invalid read of size 8 when srcRoiSize is for full source image i.e same as first argument pSrc in ippiCopyConstBorder_16u_C1R

Invalid read of size 8 when using ippiCopyConstBorder_16u_C1R(const Ipp<datatype>* pSrc, int srcStep, IppiSize srcRoiSize, Ipp<datatype>* pDst, int dstStep, IppiSizedstRoiSize, int topBorderHeight, int leftBorderWidth, const Ipp<datatype> value[3] for full source image ROI as highlighted.

When pSrc image is changed( increasing its width and height by 1) then there is no issue.

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