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Median filter 7x7

I'm trying to convert the following code from Matlab to c++


function data = process(data)
    data = medfilt2(data, [7 7], 'symmetric');
    mask = fspecial('gaussian', [35 35], 12);
    data = imfilter(data, mask, 'replicate', 'same');
    maximum = max(data(:));
    data = 1 ./ ( data/maximum );
    data(data > 10) = 16;

I'm trying to understand if Intel IPP support median filter for uint16

I have looked here 

In search of g.726 Speech Encoder/Decoder sample source code

I am working on a project that will record some g.726 data.  My software does not currently support this codec so we will have to use the Intel IPP library to decode the files after they are recorded.  I am looking through the sample code libraries and cannot seem to locate some g.276 sample source code anywhere.  Is there a way someone could provide this for me please?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

how many dll of IPP enable "flush to zero" mode when it is loaded?

I used intel parallel studio 2011, Visual Studio 2008, Window 7- 64bit

I load "ipps-7.0.dll" and "ippm-7.0.dll" in folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Parallel Studio 2011\Composer\redist\intel64\ipp\"

then "flush to zero" is enabled.

how many dll of IPP enable "flush to zero" mode when it is loaded?

Code C# used to load:


LoadLibrary(@"C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Parallel Studio 2011\Composer\redist\intel64\ipp\ipps-7.0.dll");

" Speeds Image Processing 17x

As China’s largest online direct sales company, handles several billion product images every day. To do this, the company developed its own distributed file system, JD File System* (JFS*). By using Intel® C++ Compiler and Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP), sped up its image processing 17x—handling 300,000 images in 162 seconds instead of 2,800 seconds.

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