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Intel Software Manager fails download, resume doen't work

Just wanted to share my problems with using the Intel Software Manager for the large IPP downloads, it always fails at various positions. Having download sizes of 3,2GB, it can stop at random positions 0,1234GB or 1,234GB...

My internet connection is very stable and fast (cable 400/40 mbit/s) and other downloads using FileZilla or just a browser always succeeds.

Also, when clicking "Resume", it restarts from the beginning.

In my opinion, this tool needs to be improved.



Intel IPP 9.0 Legacy

Hi all,

I need to use the old library IPP 9.0 Legacy. However, some header file such as ippbase.h and ipptypes.h are missing from the IPP 9.0 Leagcy package I donwloaded. Seems I need to install IPP 9.0 to get those header file, but the oldest version I can find from the registration center is IPP 2017 Initial Release.

Please advise where I can get the installation of IPP 9.0, or any way to solve the header file missing issue of IPP 9.0 Legacy Package.

Thanks a lot. 

ComposerXE-2011 Installer

Warm Regards! I am from Texas Instruments and we are using IPP v7.0 32 bit library for signal processing which we have obtained from ComposerXE-2011 from Intel.

Can someone please pass the download link of ComposerXE-2011 installer? Basically, all we are looking for is the 64 bit IPP v7.0 version of the library.

Thanks in advance!


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