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Is there has any possibilities to write a houdini library for 32-bit android phones?

Hello there,

I'm a intel core android user that I'm using Asus Zenfone 6 now (The CPU model is Intel Atom Z2580). Although asus doesn't support further development on 32-bit phones now, there are some users made a android nougat 7.0 system for these phone. However, since there's no official updated version of intel runtime translator for 32-bit phones, is there has some solution to resolve this problem?

Thresholding to min(datatype) and max(datatype)

it is often needed to threshold image from gray colors to black/white. There are many Threshold functions, but I can not find any which is able to do it.
For example we have 1 channel image with Ipp8u pixel size. I want do:
  if [pixel] <= threshold then set it to lowValue else set it to hiValue

Lossless JPEG Image Compression

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

we are using IPP 6.x for lossy JPEG compression. As far as I know we had never updated from this version. Now we would like to use "Lossless JPEG Compression". But now it is gone :( 

Is it possible to get an older Version of the IPP where the image compression code still exists? Or is it possible to use the old UIC library on top of the IPP 9.x legacy libraries together with IPP 2017 (Update x)?!

Please help,

Matthias Wild


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