Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives

Intel® IPP 2018 Update 1 is now available

Intel® IPP 2018 Update 1 is now available. Intel(R) IPP 2018 release added new functions to support the LZ4 data compression, introduced the standalone cryptography packages, and added the optimization code for the GraphicsMagick source.  Intel IPP 2018 Update 1 added new Platform-Aware APIs, and extended optimization for Intel® AVX-512 and Intel® SSE4.2 instruction set.

Check Intel® IPP 2018 Update 1 release notes to learn more information.

Difference in the output of Nearest Neighbour resize using IPP 7.0 resize/ippiResize_16u_C1R and API and IPP 2017-ResizeNearest

HI All,

I am trying resize my images using IPPI_INTER_NN. When I have used IPP 7.0 Resize-ippiResize_16u_C1R to resize image my output is very much different from the same generated through  IPP 2017/9.-0 -ResizeNearest.

Plz suggests what is the cause of this.


Sumit Jha

Difference between output of "ippsPowx_32f_A24" in IPP 7.0 and IPP 2017-(9.0)

Hi All,

I am using ippsPowx_32f_A24 is one of my old application which uses IPP 7.0. But now I am moving this code into IPP 2017. I am seeing difference in the outputs between these two. I want to raise the power of X(int) on float number-B i.e B^(X).

Please suggest if there any change in the API usage.



Sumit jha


Pan/Zoom image using ResizeLanczos

I am having trouble with ref function/ functionality - code below. When I increase dZoom beyond some value it crashes. It also misaligns the rows of the output image (I uploaded an image showing this). Input/Output is grayscale (8u). I likely have an incorrect understanding of sizeSrc, sizeDst and zoomImgSize. Can someone please check what is going on?

Thank you!

ippsFFTwd_CToC_64fc_I only updates on first call


I am using FFT calculation in my app. when calling ippsFFTwd_CToC_64fc_I the buffer values updates only on the first iteration call.

From second iteration, the buffer values are always the same as the values I've received on the first iteration.

what could be the cause of that?



Access violation calling ippsExp_64fc_A53 in IPP 2018.0.124

I am getting an access violation when calling ippsExp_64fc_A53 in IPP 2018.0.124

Code to reproduce:

Ipp64fc* b1{ ippsMalloc_64fc(1025) };
Ipp64fc* b2{ ippsMalloc_64fc(1025) };

for (int i = 0; i < 1025; i++)
	b1[i].re = 1;
	b1[i].im = 0;

ippsExp_64fc_A53(b1, b2, 1025);


My machine specs:

OS: Windows 10 Professional
IPP version: 2018.0.124
Processor: Intel Core i7-4790
Memory: 32 GB RAM
IDE: Visual Studio 2017 (debug build 64-bits)

IPP 9 ippiFFTGetSize_R_32f function fills pSizeInit as 0.


I am using ippiFFTGetSize_R_32f function from IPP 9 as below in my application

int bufferSize = 0;

int pSizeInit = 0;

int pSizeSpec = 0;

IppStatus ippStat  = ippiFFTGetSize_R_32f( filterOrder(this->width) , filterOrder(this->height), IPP_FFT_DIV_INV_BY_N, ippAlgHintNone, 

&pSizeSpec, &pSizeInit, &bufferSize);


Status returned is No error but pSizeInit is 0, for others(pSizeSpec,bufferSize) the values are non-zero.They have valid values.


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