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IPP 2017 jpeg encoding / decoding sample


Are there any samples for encoding and decoding of jpg files with IPP 2017? Basically a high level way to load a jpg with IPP and get an RGB buffer back. Also the other way around of giving an RGB buffer and getting a jpg out of it.

I have a very old sample from IPP 7.1, but it does not work anymore with IPP 2017.



ippsc library encode/decode function make my app buffer corrupted

Hi, all,

My application has a memory pool, and any buffer used is allocated from this pool. For EVS codec encoding/decoding, I also get buffer from this pool. But there is buffer corrupted after calling encode/decode function. 

Due to my memory pool is managed by a library and I do not have its source code. I did a test that there is no buffer corrupted if I do not call encode/decode function. So I suspect that ippsc library maybe corrupt user buffer.

Please help me, and if you have similar issue. Thanks.


Linux x86_64 platform.

Intel IPP 2017 Update 3 Cannot Build Custom DLL with VS2017

I am attempting to use the ipp_custom_library_tool_gui.exe with V2017 Update 3. The release notes indicated support for VS2017 and the installer said it was integrating with that version of VS, but the custom library tool does not seem to be ready to use VS2017.

The Options menu does not list VS2017 as an option.  Choosing VS2015 fails compilation (I don't have VS2015 installed, so no real surprise there).  It does still work with my VS2013 install but I was hoping to finally move all of my libraries up to VS2017.

Is this an oversight or am I doing something wrong?

How to copy the image border efficiently ?


Suppose I have a imageA, now I want it have the duplicate border, for example, copy the data from the second row to the first row, copy the data from the last but one row to the last row, copy the second column to the first colum, copy the last but one column to the last colum.

In opencv, it is very simple

Ipp FIR Filtering issue

hello, I need to use the IPP package for audio data filtering purposes. In particular i need to use IIR and FIR filtering on 16s (short) data arrays.In my evaluation project the IIR filtering functions behaves correctly. The FIR functions instead do not produce the expected results, and in particular I wanted to ask:

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