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Assuming that the actual declarations of  the various ippiMorphologyBorderInit flavours are correct, there are the following errors in the comments for the parameters

    roiWidth                 there is no roiWidth parameter but instead an roiSize parameter

    anchor                   there is no anchor parameter

    pState                   there is no pState parameter


Adriaan van Os


ippiErode3x3 and ippiDilate3x3

The comments in ippi.h for ippiErode3x3 and ippiDilate3x3 are as follows:

 Name:      ippiErode3x3_8u_C1R()    ippiDilate3x3_8u_C1R()

//             ippiErode3x3_8u_C3R()    ippiDilate3x3_8u_C3R()

//             ippiErode3x3_8u_AC4R()   ippiDilate3x3_8u_AC4R()

//             ippiErode3x3_8u_C4R()    ippiDilate3x3_8u_C4R()


//             ippiErode3x3_32f_C1R()   ippiDilate3x3_32f_C1R()

//             ippiErode3x3_32f_C3R()   ippiDilate3x3_32f_C3R()

//             ippiErode3x3_32f_AC4R()  ippiDilate3x3_32f_AC4R()


For completeness, I suggest to add ippCmpNotEq to IppCmpOp.

For example for ippiCompare "if the result of the compare is true, the corresponding output pixel is set to an IPP_MAX_8u value; otherwise, it is set to 0". Consequently, the logical negation of the comparison operator must be available, to control what pixels are set to IPP_MAX_8u and what to 0.


Adriaan van Os

How to buy Intel IPP license and libraries


Hi, I want to buy a Intel IPP license of commerical release.  Do I need to buy Parallel Studio XE or System Studio? Is there a way only but the IPP license and libraries?  I will use the IPP on windows and MacOS, how to buy? There are some people cost $199 for the license. But if I buy a Intel parallel studio XE composer edition for C++ windows will cost $699.   Thank you.

IPP 2018.2.199 for Linux - what is the difference between static libs in lib/*_lin and lib/*_and?

In the linux distribution of IPP 2018.2.199, the following subdirectories appear in the /opt/intel/ipp/lib directory:


The *_and directories only contain static libraries.  How are these static libs different from the static libs in the *_lin directories?

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