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IPP 6.1 ResizeShift() equivalent in IPP 9.0


I need to get ResizeShift() method from IPP 6.1 replaced by IPP 9.0 equivalent method.
Output for IPP 9.0 using the following code does not match with IPP 6.1.

Input Parameters used:

srcRoi = {8, 8};
dstRoiSize = {448,448};
dstStep = 512 * sizeof(float); //original size of image is 512x512
srcStep = srcRoi.width * sizeof(float);
xFr = yFr = 0.0136986; //
xShift = yShift = 0.5;

IPP 6.1 call to ResizeShift:

alternative for IPP 6.1 method ippsNthMaxElement() in IPP 9.0

I am porting my code from IPP 6.1 to IPP 9.0.
I need to calculate nth max value from a 32F image.
As ippsNthMaxElement() from IPP 6.1 is deprecated, I tried writing my own method to get this functionality, but it hampers speed of the code.

Is there any better alternative available in IPP 9.0 OR MKL?
I want to avoid sorting the elements completely, so is there any method that can allow me to partially sort the elements and get the Nth max element ?

The example of FFT in IPP9.0 (2016XE)

hi ,

I want to use FFT on the Xeon Phi ,but the MKL-FFT performance is not good.I want to try IPP ,but I can not find the FFT API in IPP guide .

And the path which the guide mentioned :<install_dir>/ipp/components  not exist .

What is more, I found the oldversion sample for IPP8.0 named ipp-examples/ipp_fft but the compile said these function has been removed .

So please help me to find the FFT example for IPP9.0 ,thank you very much!

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