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Performance testing and scalability analysis of the Intel IPP implementations of the debayer algorithms AN3 and AHD


I am doing a postdoc research work related to the quality and performance assessments of various demosaicing algorithms. I'm interesting in evaluating the performance of the IPP ippiCFAToRGB() and ippiDemosaicAHD() demosaicing functionality, and would therefore like to know if and how these two IPP functions exploit the thread-level parallelism. I would like to perform scalability tests with various numbers of threads (1, 2, 4, 8) and obtain how much speedup can be achieved on a given platform.

ippiReduceBits_32f8u_C1R gives different results


the ippiReduceBits_32f8u_C1R gives me different results on different machines:

  Ipp32f input[] = { 0, 0.5, 0.75, 1 };
  Ipp8u output[4];
  Ipp8u buffer[4];
  ippiReduceBits_32f8u_C1R(input, 16, output, 4, { 4, 1 }, 0, ippDitherNone, 255, buffer);

On one machine result is 0, 127, 190, 255

On second machine result is 0, 127, 191, 255

Is this a known bug (IPP Version 9.0)?

Best regards

Pixel variance between IPP7 vs IPP9 using ippiCopy


As titled, I'm currently having trouble obtaining the equivalent pixels value between IPP7 and IPP9 when I'm trying to copy a 8-bit image using ippiCopy. To confirm the variance, I've print all of the pixel values of both images into CSV format individually and compare both of them using winMerge, the variance were off by somewhat a large amount (between 1 to 60). Due to that, the generated result after different types of image processing method were affected as well. Were this suppose to be a bug or intentional?

IPP 9.4 cant find it


I'm facing a problem that may be of mine wrong doing so i would like some help.

I am developing an SGX application and i wanted to try the RemoteAttestationSample,following the installation guide i reached the section to download the IPP and Cryptography IPP. Unfortunately(this is my fault) after registering i downloaded and installed the 2017 Update 1 version of both IPP and CIPP. After failing to find why the Client Side of the Sample wasn't working i noticed that i needed the 9.xx versions.
I did the following:

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