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ippiFilterBoxBorderGetBufferSize gives different buffer size in IPP8.2 vs. Ipp9.3


During the upgrade from IPP 8.2 to IPP 9.3, we noticed that "ippiFilterBoxBorderGetBufferSize" function gives different results.

The input parameters to this function were:

ROI: {X = 0 Y = 0 Width = 2056 Height = 2056}

Mask Size: {Width = 15 Height = 15}

Data Type: ipp32f

Number Of Channels: 1

And the buffer size coming out of this function was:

IPP 8.2: 17843472

IPP 9.3: 827240

Please advise with further information about the root cause to this difference.

I'd appreciate your help in advance

Windows 10 support for IPL (Intel Image Processing Library)


We are currently still using Intel Image Processing Library version using the following dll:

Currently we are supporting windows 7 and we are planning to migrate to windows 10 soon.

May I know if IPL library support win 10?

I understand that the IPL library is replaced with IPP instead. But unfortunately, we are currently not able to migrate the code to use IPP. So we'd like to know if it is still possible to use IPL in win 10.


Removed/changed functions in IPP 9

I am trying to build an application against IPP 9 that was last built with IPP 7. As expected, there are many functions missing, but the majority are provided in the legacy package available with IPP 9. However, I am left with a relatively small set that are not in the legacy package and have either been removed since 7 or had their signatures changed. I presume that the legacy package just fills the gap between 8 and 9 (?).

the function"ippsRSA_SetPrivateKeyType2" return error,the return value is ippStsBadArgErr

Dear Intel support,

Recently we met a ipp library load rsa private key issue.when I use ipp librara to load a special RSA private key,
the function"ippsRSA_SetPrivateKeyType2" return error,the return value is ippStsBadArgErr. But ipp 6.2 can load this special RSA private key.
By the way,openssl can load this special RSA private key.
I will attach a simple test code,RSA private key and certificate file.

P.s, we are working on FreeBSD 10.0 platform.IPP version is 8.2

Need your help.



ComputeThreshold_Otsu Bug(?) when applied to already binary images

Hi all.

I discovered that when you apply ippiComputeThreshold_Otsu_8u_C1R to an 8 bit gray image that only contains 0 and 255 (i.e., is already binarized), the resulting Otsu threshold is t = 0.

From my reading of the documentation, I expected that the "lower" of the two Otsu classes would be all values strictly less than the resulting threshold, i.e. the threshold could have been any value between 1 and 255. The value zero results in a uniformly white image after thresholding regardless of the input.



IPP environment configuration

Hi,Recently, I met a problem when I was use of IPP library programming.My IDE was vs2010+IPP9.0.There was no problem until I accidentally changed the Property Manager int the Debug | Win32 name(actually,It is not allowed).IDE's warning, so I am forced to shut down vs.When I once again open the IPP can run before application, pop up the following questions:

"Function is not match with any IPP function: ippiAlphaCompC_8u_C1IR" with ipp_custom_lib_tool

I'm trying to create my own shared library using ipp_custom_lib_tool from IPP 9.0 Update 3 on Ubuntu 14.04.1 64-bit.

I'm using the following export.txt:


And running:

Invalid read of size 8 when srcRoiSize is for full source image i.e same as first argument pSrc in ippiCopyConstBorder_16u_C1R

Invalid read of size 8 when using ippiCopyConstBorder_16u_C1R(const Ipp<datatype>* pSrc, int srcStep, IppiSize srcRoiSize, Ipp<datatype>* pDst, int dstStep, IppiSizedstRoiSize, int topBorderHeight, int leftBorderWidth, const Ipp<datatype> value[3] for full source image ROI as highlighted.

When pSrc image is changed( increasing its width and height by 1) then there is no issue.

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