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IPP 9.0.4 DFT problem?

Hi All,

I used ippiDFT functions from "Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016" on platform Windows 7 x64. For ours purpose we would like to use DFT functions with multi-threaded version. This functions works correctly with different number of threads. So far  there is no problem. The problem is, when we compile our application with openmp flag, DFT starts produces garbage when threads number used to calculation is different than 1. I prepared test source codes in attachments. But before that, let me write more details.

Do IPP Resize functions work with RGBA


I am somewhat confused about the IPP Resize functions. For example, the ResizeLinear function supports a mod of 8u_C4R which as I understand is 4 bytes of RGB. I presume the 4th byte is the alpha channel, but I am not sure as other posts suggest that there should be an A in the mod if the function supports alpha channels.

So, in short, are there any IPP resize functions that consider the alpha channel, and resize taking the alpha channel into account, not simply ignoring it? If so, which version of the function is that?

ippiResize Threading Problems

I have been migrating a very large application from using the very old IPP 6.x to the latest IPP 2017 (R2).  This is a direct migration, I have not used IPP 7, IPP 8, or IPP 9.  I would say I have about 98% functionality with the new API, but I ran into some problems with image resizing.

In IPP 6.x, we were using the ippiResizeSqrPixel function call.  In this case we are scaling the image down, so we were using IPPI_INTER_SUPER.

Automatically Linking Your Microsoft* Visual Studio* Project with Intel IPP

After a default installation of the Intel® IPP and Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for C++, you can easily configure your project to automatically link with Intel IPP. Configure your Microsoft* Visual Studio* project for automatic linking with Intel IPP as follows:

  1. Go to Project>Properties>Configuration Properties>Intel Performance Libraries.

Appendix B: Intel® IPP Threading and OpenMP* Support

All Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives functions are thread-safe. They support multithreading in both dynamic and static libraries and can be used in multi-threaded applications. However, if an application has its own threading model or if other threaded applications are expected to run at the same time on the system, it is strongly recommended to use non-threaded/single-threaded libraries.


The data-domain element is a single character that denotes the group of functionality to which a given function belongs. The main distinction among these groups is the type of input data. Intel IPP supports the following data-domains:


Code Examples

The document contains a number of code examples that use the Intel IPP functions. These examples show both some particular features of the primitives and how the primitives can be called. Many of these code examples output result data together with the status code and associated messages in case of an error or a warning condition.

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