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G722 - 64 bit performance

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I am using IPP G722 functions in my application, The application is developed on Linux 64 bit platform. 

We are currently running IPP 8.2 Update 1, for Linux.

We have observed lower performance when running the  64 bit G722 coder functions, than 32 bit G722 coder functions version of the IPP libraries.

 Is this expected? 


IppsFIRState_32 not available in latest IPP?

I downloaded the trial for Parallel Studio 2016 for C++ (for Linux) two days ago and I'm running into some problems building existing code that uses the `IppsFIRState_32fc` type, which I'm told is available in 2015. Specifically, g++ can't find this type.

I see a number of types starting with "ippsFIR" (e.g., Ipp32f, IppsFIRSpec_32f, etc.) in `intel/compilers_and_libraries_2016.0.109/linux/ipp/include/ipps.h` but *not* `IppsFIRState_32fc` or anything starting with `IppsFIRState_32`. Anybody else running into this? Do I need to use Ipp32fc?


Static linking with IPP 8.2 (threaded)

Hi all!

I have a data processing DLL, that uses IPP 8.2.

I use static linking.

When I use single-threaded version of IPP LIB files everything is OK,
but when I try to use multi-threaded version of IPP LIB files at first VS2010 requires svml_disp.lib, 
when I add svml_lib to project, vs2010 requires libirc.lib,
when I add libirc.lib, vs2010 says about unresolved externals, connected with OpenMP,
and finally when I add to vs2010 libiomp5md.lib everything is compiled successfully.

How to find or build 64 bit LINUX and shared objects?

    I have an INTEL community license for Intel's Integrtaed Performance Primitives Coposer Edition for Linux which we installed yesterday using ./ bash script . When I look in /opt/intel/ipp, I cannot find and

   Where can I find the 64 bit LINUX and shared library as well as and shared library requited to build a codec using  Intel IPP Composer Edition for 64 bit Linux?

Can not Compile IPP and Opencv3.0 with MinGWx64


I'm trying to compile new stable OpenCV 3.0 on Windows 7 x64 with TBB 4.3, IPP, that comes with OpenCV 3.0. I use MinGW 4.8.1 x64.

make stops with error on 50% with this message: ld.exe: cannot find -lRunTmChk If I uncheck WITH_IPP everything is OK. Is it possible to build OpenCV 3.0 with MinGW and IPP?

Thank you

Tushar Kachhadiya

Does the IPPCV package that's bundled with OpenCV 3.0 include ALL possible ipp related improvements to the running of OpenCV?

Does the IPPCV package that's bundled with OpenCV 3.0 include ALL of the possible ipp related improvements to the running of OpenCV? Or would I be better off linking OpenCV to the (more complete) ipp directory contained within the student Parallel Studios XE cluster edition I have installed on my system?

For example, I have noticed that the lib directory for IPPCV includes only one .lib file (ippicvmt.lib), whereas the lib directory for ipp in parallel studios contains many more .lib files (16 in total).

ippiResizeSqrPixel_xxx in IPP 9.0 ?

From the compilation errors I get when tyring to port a project to Parallel Studio 2016 (installation package = parallel_studio_xe_2016_setup.exe)

It looks like these (very useful) functions are all gone in IPP 9.0 :


I'll be glad to learn which new/renamed functions one is supposed to use as replacement.

I'm back to Parallel Studio 2015 and IPP 8.0 at the moment.


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