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Can not Compile IPP and Opencv3.0 with MinGWx64


I'm trying to compile new stable OpenCV 3.0 on Windows 7 x64 with TBB 4.3, IPP, that comes with OpenCV 3.0. I use MinGW 4.8.1 x64.

make stops with error on 50% with this message: ld.exe: cannot find -lRunTmChk If I uncheck WITH_IPP everything is OK. Is it possible to build OpenCV 3.0 with MinGW and IPP?

Thank you

Tushar Kachhadiya

Does the IPPCV package that's bundled with OpenCV 3.0 include ALL possible ipp related improvements to the running of OpenCV?

Does the IPPCV package that's bundled with OpenCV 3.0 include ALL of the possible ipp related improvements to the running of OpenCV? Or would I be better off linking OpenCV to the (more complete) ipp directory contained within the student Parallel Studios XE cluster edition I have installed on my system?

For example, I have noticed that the lib directory for IPPCV includes only one .lib file (ippicvmt.lib), whereas the lib directory for ipp in parallel studios contains many more .lib files (16 in total).

ippiResizeSqrPixel_xxx in IPP 9.0 ?

From the compilation errors I get when tyring to port a project to Parallel Studio 2016 (installation package = parallel_studio_xe_2016_setup.exe)

It looks like these (very useful) functions are all gone in IPP 9.0 :


I'll be glad to learn which new/renamed functions one is supposed to use as replacement.

I'm back to Parallel Studio 2015 and IPP 8.0 at the moment.


Is the Intel® IPP Asynchronous C/C++ library included in the standard IPP library?

I have searched the site quite rigorously but have been unable to determine for sure if the asynchronous library described here ( is available as part of the library downloaded from here (

Why IPP uses gcc by default?


I installed "parallel_studio_xe_2015_update3".

I ran the command:

perl --cmake=speech-codecs,intel64,make,d,mt,debug --build --clean

(I know speech codecs is no more supported, but my query is not about that..)

By default the build happens with gcc.

Query 1> Why gcc is default? Why not icc? Why icc location is not set in the $PATH? (Is it because I've installed parallel_studio_xe_2016 also? or it depends on type of license I've)

Query 2> When icc was forced to compiler, build failed. Why?

IPP 9.0 Image Geometry Functions

The first page of the documentation on the geometry functions (node 504351) covers ROI processing, and in fact states that all functions take an IppiRect parameter to specify the source and destination ROIs. Reading through the documentation on the resize functions, it appears that none of the functions take such parameters. Is the overview description of the geometric transforms correct, or have those functions completely gone, with different parameters now (destination point and size only)?

Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2015 Update 5 Professional Edition for Fortran and C++ Windows*

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