Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives

Custom DLL: No DLLs found in Waterfall procedure


We've purchased IPP for Windows. I've build the Custom DLL exactly as it is described in the sample, I've only changed names of functions in export.def and funclist.h. The DLL and LIB created just fine (totally about 80 functions are needed from IPP).
Then, I create my own DLL which is linked against custom IPP lib.
Then I link my application with my own DLL. Totally I have an application .exe, my DLL's .dll and IPP custom .dll - in one folder.

Matrix in IPP

Dear Sir:I use IPP to deal with some matrix problems .So far,I only know about some function for "small matrix". Iwant to deal witha bigger matrix,like 200x200.IF I want know the inverse of the bigger matrix, I use the function for "small matrix" to solve it.The performance will down seriously.Is there any special function for "Big Matrix" in IPP? Thanks Best Regards

Matrix in IPP

Dear Sir: Iuse IPP todeal with some matrix problems.So far Ionly know some function for "small matrix",but if I have a bigger Matrix,like 200X200.And I want to know the inverse Matrix,if I use the function for small matrix to deal with it,the performance will down seriously.Is there any special function for "big matrix" in IPP? Thanks Best Regards.

ippReduceBits not working properly? (IPP v3.0)


I am using IPP 3.0 in a video processing application. I want to reduce the number of levels in a grayscale image to 4. I tried:

ippiReduceBits_8u_C1R(piA8u, Step8uC1, piB8u, Step8uC1, roiAll, 0, ippDitherNone, 4);

but it didn't do anything (and there was no error returned).

Any other dither type, ie.

ippiReduceBits_8u_C1R(piA8u, Step8uC1, piB8u, Step8uC1, roiAll, 0, ippDitherBayer, 4);

works however (but i don't want dithering!).

Is my code wrong, or is it the IPP library?


Getting exceptions while debugging programs with IPP

When I use idb to debug my IPP application, I got the following error messages

You cannot debug "ippvcw7.dll" because its type is "unknown".
Thread generated exception: Access Violation

I got the similar errors when I use VC++ studio 6.0. If I just run the program from the command line it is working fine.

Your help is appreciated.


Interleaved data re-packing


Ihave a short (signed 16-bit integers) interleaved data set that I would like to re-pack into different format used for further processing. The data is arranged M x N, where M is number of different data channel information, and N is the number of data points. I would like to extract only a single channel of information 1 x N, but I do not know which IPP function to use so the re-packing is fast and efficient.

Addition with overflow?

Hi all -

I'm writing a function that allows the user to shift the hue of an image. I convert the image into an HSV format, then use the AddC function. However, because the function automatically saturates pixel values in the case of overflow, the hue shift does not work correctly. Ideally, I need a function that does not saturate the pixel values, but wraps around in the case of addition overflow.

Is there some function that will not saturate overflow values? Or is there some other method to achieve the same result? I apologize if this is an elementary question.

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