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IPP Java language interface for 64 bit environment



We have been using IPP’s java language interface  that is provided with ComposerXE samples. Current version we have (XE 2011 and later) don't provide it. Old version of the sample was for 32-bit environment and we like to  convert our application to 64-bit. It seems that later versions of ComposerXE no longer provide java language-interface IPP-sample. Do you happen to know what is the latest ComposerXE/IPP version where the java language-interface is provided and yet is that possible to compile for 64-bit environment?


    Br, Hans


Does IPP support partitioned convolution for real time FIR processing

I've looked through the documentation and it's not clear if IPP can process a FIR using partitioned FFT convolution for use in real time applications. All the example seem to be for offline use. The streaming FIR example seems to be very slow for a FIR with 32K taps compared to partitioned FFT convolution when the sample buffer is around 128 on each call.

ippiHistogram_8u_C1R problem

Dear all,

I am trying to use ippiHistogram. The problem is - the last (256) byte of histogram result buffer is not filled by ippiHistogram_8u_C1R. 
I have tried to use ippiHistogramInit instead of ippiHistogramUniformInit - the result is the same.
Previously I used iplComputeHisto function - it had worked correctly. 
For example iplComputeHisto returns pHistVec[255] = 1226, but ippiHistogram_8u_C1R returns pHistVec[255] = 1393896807 

I use IPPI version 9 Update 1.

Please, explain, how can I get last histogram value? Thank you!

IPP 9.1: ippiFilterGetBufSize_64f_C1R returning 0 buffer size for scalar kernel.



I am seeing an issue with the ippiFilterGetBufSize_64f_C1R function, which returns a buffer size of 0 for a edge case - scalar kernels. This is seen only on SSE4 machines with IPP 9.1. This was not seen in IPP8.1.

This issue can be reproduced with the following function call, with a Kernel size of (1,1) and a ROI width of 2.

 ippiFilterGetBufSize_64f_C1R(kernelSize, dstRoiSize.width, &pBufferSize);

Is this a bug in IPP9.1?



shared memory with pre allocate ipp memory


I'm working on windows platform.

I have one application (process) that generate data to a second application (different process). The second app is doing some heavy signal processing computation using the ipp functions. I would like to pre-allocate the shared memory with ippMalloc. Can anyone please help my understand how i do such thing ? 


2D Wavelet example test implementation problem

I am having a problem with ref. Below is my implementation. The forward transform works fine, I can see the 4 output images look good. The problem is with the inverse, its output (to be the same image dimensions as the input image, image is square (orgWidth==orgHeight)) has aliasing and it looks like every second row and every second column content is blank. I can't find a way to embed an output image here. Please let me know how I can get that to you in case you want to take a look.

Can you please check and see what the problem may be?

Thank you!!

IppiWarpQuad regression compared to Ipp 7.1 IppiWarpPerspectiveQuad

Hello all.

My company recently switched to Ipp 9.0 Update 3 (was Ipp 7.1), and I changed our internal libraries to reflect the changes the warping functions.

After getting really strange behavior changes in our high-level code, I tracked the differences to a change in images that we used to warp with ippiWarpPerspectiveQuad_8u_[mod] (Ipp 7.1) but now warp using ippiWarpQuadCubicInit and ippiWarpPerspectiveCubic_8u_[mod] (Ipp 9.0U3):

ipprFilter for 32f volume data?


Is there any plan to add the 32f_C1PV datatype for the ipprFilter function? In particular, I apply large (9x9x9) Gaussian filters to volume data extensively, and currently do it by a two-step call to ippiFilterGaussianBorder_32f_C1R, once for XY-planes, and once for Z-planes. This incurs a lot of data transfer overhead, especially for filtering in Z. A single call to a ipprFilter_32f_C1PV, or a  ipprFilterGaussianBorder_32f_C1PV would be a huge help.



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