Intel® Math Kernel Library

Named Constants for CNR Control

Intel MKL provides reproducible results for a certain code branch, determined by the instruction set architecture (ISA). To define CNR code branches, use the following named constants as input/output for conditional numerical reproducibility support functions. Pass named constants to the functions instead of their values.

Data Fitting Computational Routines

Data Fitting computational routines are functions used to perform spline-based computations, such as:

  • spline construction

  • computation of values, derivatives, and integrals of the predefined order

  • cell search

Once you create a Data Fitting task and initialize the required parameters, you can call computational routines as many times as necessary.

Wrappers Reference

The section provides a brief reference for the FFTW 2.x C interface. For details please refer to the original FFTW 2.x documentation available at

Each FFTW function has its own wrapper. Some of them, which are not expressly listed in this section, are empty and do nothing, but they are provided to avoid link errors and satisfy the function calls.


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