Intel® Math Kernel Library

Extended Eigensolver Naming Conventions

There are two different types of interfaces available in the Extended Eigensolver routines:

  1. The reverse communication interfaces (RCI):

    ?feast_<matrix type>_rci

    These interfaces are matrix free format (the interfaces are independent of the matrix data formats). You must provide matrix-vector multiply and direct/iterative linear system solvers for your own explicit or implicit data format.

VM Data Types, Accuracy Modes, and Performance Tips

VM includes mathematical and pack/unpack vector functions for single and double precision vector arguments of real and compex types. Intel MKL provides Fortran and C interfaces for all VM functions, including the associated service functions. The Function Naming Conventions topic shows how to call these functions.

Performance depends on a number of factors, including vectorization and threading overhead. The recommended usage is as follows:

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