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Unclear documentation for ?getrs and ?gerfs

I am using LAPACK to solve a linear sytem of equations A(n,n) * X(n,1) = B(n,1). A, X and B are real*8 (double precision).

First of all, I create A and B, initialize X to 0, and I then make a copy of A and B to A0 and B0, because A and B will be overwritten.

First of all, I use dgetrf to calculate LU factorization:

call dgetrf ( n, n, A, n, iPiv, info )

with integer*4 array iPiv(n). Matrix A gets overwritten by L and U, with unit diagonal elements not stored. This is clear.

I then continue with dgetrs to solve my system:

MKL 11.x, turning on Pardiso OOC via env variables....


Is their anyway to turn on MKL DSS/ PARDISO OOC by using an environment variable? I notice it is possible to tune the OOC via env variables, but it is a bit unclear if it can be switched on and off as well without having to change the code.

A list of all MKL DSS/PARDISO environment variables would be useful.


Link error when building numpy with MKL on Windows


I'm now building numpy on my Windows 7 following this guide: I also posted this question under the guide, if it's not proper please delete it. 

I have Intel Parallel Studio XE 2017 installed including MKL, icl and ifort. The version of numpy is the latest one because I've downloaded just now. 

Static linking error: undefined reference to `MKLMPI_Get_wrappers'

I am able to dynamically link the intel libraries and my application runs perfectly. But when I try to statically link, l I receive the error:

/opt/intel/compilers_and_libraries_2017.0.098/linux/mkl/lib/intel64/libmkl_core.a(mkl_get_mpi_wrappers_static.o): In function `mkl_serv_get_mpi_wrappers':
mkl_get_mpi_wrappers.c:(.text+0x4b): undefined reference to `MKLMPI_Get_wrappers'

I followed the link advisor and my link line looks like:

Memory management in vsl


I am using vsldSSEditCorParameterization in debug mode (windows) and have some problems with the windows debug heal validation step, that windows always performs on de-allocation, resulting in program crashing .

If I understand properly the documentation, ("spectral") one diagonalizes the input matrix. Presumably, this is done using LAPACK. If this is the case,LAPACK requires user-provided memory to perform the task, which since I do not provide, have to assume it is allocated internally.

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