Intel® MPI Library

mpitune Utility


Use the mpitune utility to find optimal settings for the Intel® MPI Library relevant to your cluster configuration or your application.


mpitune [options]


-a \"<app_cmd_line>\"

--application \"<app_cmd_line>\"

Collective Operations Control

Each collective operation in the Intel® MPI Library supports a number of communication algorithms. In addition to highly optimized default settings, the library provides a way to control the algorithm selection explicitly. You can do this by using the I_MPI_ADJUST environment variable family, which is described in the following section.

Multi-threaded memcpy Support

This topic provides information on how to use a multi-threaded version of memcpy implemented in the Intel® MPI Library for Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessors. You can use this experimental feature to reach higher memory bandwidth between the ranks communicated through shared memory for some applications.


Controls usage of the multi-threaded memcpy.



Global Options

This section describes the global options of the Intel® MPI Library's Hydra process manager. Global options are applied to all arguments sets in the launch command. Argument sets are separated by a colon ':'.

-hostfile <hostfile> or -f <hostfile>

Use this option to specify host names on which to run the application. If a host name is repeated, this name is used only once.

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