Intel® MPI Library

Intel® MPI Library 2018 Beta Release Notes for Linux* OS


Intel® MPI Library is a multi-fabric message passing library based on ANL* MPICH3* and OSU* MVAPICH2*.

Intel® MPI Library implements the Message Passing Interface, version 3.1 (MPI-3) specification. The library is thread-safe and provides the MPI standard compliant multi-threading support.

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  • Intel® MPI Library
  • Global Options

    This section describes the global options of the Intel® MPI Library's Hydra process manager. Global options are applied to all arguments sets in the launch command. Argument sets are separated by a colon ':'.

    -hostfile <hostfile> or -f <hostfile>

    Use this option to specify host names on which to run the application. If a host name is repeated, this name is used only once.

    Process Pinning

    Use this feature to pin a particular MPI process to a corresponding CPU within a node and avoid undesired process migration. This feature is available on operating systems that provide the necessary kernel interfaces.

    Processor Identification

    The following schemes are used to identify logical processors in a system:

    • System-defined logical enumeration

    Asynchronous Progress Control

    Intel® MPI Library supports asynchronous progress model and can provide separate dedicated cores for asynchronous progress threads. This section describes the environment variables for the asynchronous progress control.


    Enable asynchronous progress. It is recommended to use I_MPI_ASYNC_PROGRESS instead of MPICH_ASYNC_PROGRESS.



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