Intel® MPI Library

Statistics Gathering Mode

Intel® MPI Library provides the built-in statistics gathering facility that provides essential information about MPI program execution. You can use the native or IPM statistics formats or both at once. See description of the environment variables controlling statistics collection below:

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Application Specific Tuning

In the application specific mode, you can find optimal Intel® MPI Library settings for your specific application. To enable this mode, use the --application (-a) option of mpitune. The option takes the full program launch command as an argument. The general syntax is as follows:

Prerequisite Steps

Before you start using any of the Intel® MPI Library functionality, make sure to establish the proper environment for Intel MPI Library. Follow these steps:

  1. Set up the Intel MPI Library environment. Run the mpivars.bat script:

    > <installdir>\intel64\bin\mpivars.bat

    By default, <installdir> is C:\Program Files (x86)\IntelSWTools\mpi\<version>.

Getting Debug Information

The I_MPI_DEBUG environment variable provides a convenient way to get detailed information about an MPI application at runtime. You can set the variable value from 0 (the default value) to 1000. The higher the value, the more debug information you get. For example:

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