Intel® MPI Library

Examples of MPI Failures

This section provides examples of typical MPI failures including descriptions, output messages, and related recommendations. The following problems which may cause MPI failures are discussed in this section:

  • Communication problems

  • Environmental problems

  • Other problems

Related Information

To get more information about the Intel® MPI Library, explore the following resources:

  • Intel® MPI Library Release Notes for updated information on requirements, technical support, and known limitations.

  • Intel® MPI Library Developer Reference for in-depth knowledge of the product features, commands, options, and environment variables.

Gathering Statistics

If you want to collect statistics on MPI functions used in your application, you can set the I_MPI_STATS environment variable to a number, between 1 to 10. This environment variable controls the amount of statistics information collected and the output to the log file. By default, no statistics are gathered.

For details, see Statistics Gathering Mode in Intel® MPI Library Developer Reference for Windows* OS.

Hydra Service


Hydra Service agent.


hydra_service.exe [ -install | -regserver ] [ -start ] [ -stop ] \

[ -remove | -unregister | -uninstall ] [ -register_spn ]




Install the hydra service


Global Options

-ckpoint <switch>



Checkpoint switch

enable | yes | on | 1

Enables the check point function for the application started

disable | no | off | 0

Disables the check point function for the application started. This is the default value

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