Intel® MPI Library


The Intel® MPI Library Developer Guide explains how to use the Intel® MPI Library in some common usage scenarios. It provides information regarding compiling, running, debugging, tuning, and analyzing MPI applications, as well as troubleshooting information.

Selecting Library Configuration

You can specify a particular configuration of the Intel® MPI Library to be used, depending on your purposes. This can be a library optimized for multi-threading debug or release version with the global lock.

To specify the configuration, run the mpivars.bat script with release or debug argument. For example:

> <installdir>\intel64\bin\mpivars.bat release

You can use the following arguments:


Launches an MPI job and provides integration with job schedulers.


mpirun <options>



mpiexec.hydra options as described in the mpiexec.hydra section. This is the default operation mode.

Java* MPI Applications Support

Intel® MPI Library provides an experimental feature to enable support for Java MPI applications. Java bindings are available for a subset of MPI-2 routines. For a full list of supported routines, refer to the Developer Reference, section Miscellaneous > Java* Bindings for MPI-2 Routines.

Running Java* MPI applications

Follow these steps to set up the environment and run your Java* MPI application:

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