Intel® MPI Library

Cluster Specific Tuning

The cluster specific mode is intended for tuning Intel® MPI Library for a specific cluster. For finding optimal settings, mpitune uses a benchmarking program: it runs tests several times with different parameters and searches for the best ones. By default, Intel® MPI Benchmarks are used.

To tune Intel MPI Library in the cluster specific mode, do the following:

Statistics and Analysis

Intel® MPI Library provides a variety of options for analyzing MPI applications. Some of these options are available within the Intel MPI Library, while some require additional analysis tools. For such tools, Intel MPI Library provides compilation and runtime options and environment variables for easier interoperability.

See details in the following sections:

ILP64 Support

The term ILP64 means that integer, long, and pointer data entities all occupy 8 bytes. This differs from the more conventional LP64 model in which only long and pointer data entities occupy 8 bytes while integer entities occupy 4 bytes. More information on the historical background and the programming model philosophy can be found, for example, in

Compiler Commands

(SDK only)

The following table lists the available Intel® MPI Library compiler commands with their underlying compilers and programming languages.

Table 2.1-1 Intel® MPI Library Compiler Wrappers




Compiler Command

Underlying Compiler

Supported Language(s)

Common Compilers

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