Intel® MPI Library

User Authorization

Intel® MPI Library supports several authentication methods under Windows* OS:

  • Password-based authorization

  • Domain-based authorization with the delegation ability

  • Limited domain-based authorization

The password-based authorization is the typical method of providing remote computer access using your account name and password.

Global Options

This section describes the global options of the Intel® MPI Library's Hydra process manager. Global options are applied to all arguments sets in the launch command. Argument sets are separated by a colon ':'.

-hostfile <hostfile> or -f <hostfile>

Use this option to specify host names on which to run the application. If a host name is repeated, this name is used only once.

Getting Debug Information

The I_MPI_DEBUG environment variable provides a convenient way to get detailed information about an MPI application at runtime. You can set the variable value from 0 (the default value) to 1000. The higher the value, the more debug information you get. For example:

MPMD Launch Mode

Intel® MPI Library supports the multiple programs, multiple data (MPMD) launch mode. There are two ways to do this.

The easiest way is to create a configuration file and pass it to the -configfile option. A configuration file should contain a set of arguments for mpiexec, one group per line. For example:


This section provides the following troubleshooting information:

  • General Intel® MPI Library troubleshooting procedures
  • Typical MPI failures with corresponding output messages and behavior when a failure occurs
  • Recommendations on potential root causes and solutions
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