Intel® MPI Library

Compilers Support

Intel® MPI Library supports the GCC* and Intel® compilers out of the box. It uses binding libraries to provide support for different glibc versions and different compilers. These libraries provide C++, Fortran 77, Fortran 90, and Fortran 2008 interfaces.

The following binding libraries are used for GCC* and Intel® compilers:

  • libmpicxx.{a|so} – for g++ version 3.4 or higher

Tracing Applications

Intel® MPI Library provides a variety of options for analyzing MPI applications. Some of these options are available within the Intel MPI Library, while some require additional analysis tools. For such tools, Intel MPI Library provides compilation and runtime options and environment variables for easier interoperability.


Tunes the Intel® MPI Library parameters for the given MPI application.


mpitune <options>



List of options.

-c | --config <file>

Specifies a configuration file.

-h | --help

Displays the help message.

libfabric* Support

Intel® MPI Library currently supports libfabric*. For details, refer to the article below.

By defaut, mpivars.bat checks if libfabric exists in the current environment. If it does not exist, mpivars sets the environment to libfabric shipped with the Intel MPI Library.

ILP64 Support

The term ILP64 denotes that integer, long, and pointer data entities all occupy 8 bytes. This differs from the more conventional LP64 model, in which only long and pointer data entities occupy 8 bytes while integer entities occupy 4 bytes. More information on the historical background and the programming model philosophy can be found, for example, in

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