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compilation error when invoking parallel_for()

I am trying to create a 1D array and emulate a 2D matrix multiplication and parallelize it using the tbb. In my previous post I got an error that was due  missing the namespace tbb for the tbb constructs.

However  I further extened my code to create a parallelMatrixMultiply that calls the MatrixMultiply2D and i get a half page terminal error message a part of which is like this:

error: ‘blocked_range2d’ does not name a type

i am not sure why am i getting this error.  This example follows the pattern similar to the one provided on TBB documentation except I am trying to do a 1D array for matrix multiplication.

The  code is below

The compilation command i enter is : g++ -std=c++11 matrix.cpp -ltbb -o matrix.out

(thanks for the help in advance)

Phonegap build - Help

My problem is with inserting some data in the phonegap to build the app.

01- When I compile and send to google play it gives a debugable app error and it can not be, it asks to disable the debug mode.
02-Adding the key - I do not know what to put in the following fields:
Alias: ?
Certificate password:?
Keystore password: ?

Where do I find this data?

Can u help me?

Does tbb_build work on Windows with MSVC?

I have quickly tried the "sub_string_finder" example working with CMAKE Visual Studio 2015, windows

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.0.0 FATAL_ERROR)

project(sub_string_finder CXX)

# Build Intel TBB with enabled Community Preview Features (CPF).

But get a bunch of errors like:

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