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opencl_node (or streaming_node) with more outputs than inputs


Is there a way to make an opencl node (or custom streaming_node) which has more output ports than input ports.

I have tried, but I cannot seem to get the graph to execute, as it wants me to call try_put() on the output ports as well before executing.

I have this example, which doesn't work:

macOS* Systems

This section uses <install_dir> to indicate the top-level installation directory. The following table describes the subdirectory structure for macOS*, relative to <install_dir>.

Memory Allocation

Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) provides several memory allocator templates that are similar to the STL template class std::allocator. Two templates, scalable_allocator<T> and cache_aligned_allocator<T>, address critical issues in parallel programming as follows:

Empty Tasks

You might need a task that does not do anything but wait for its children to complete. The header task.h defines class empty_task for this purpose. Its definition is as follows:

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