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TBB licensing


I'm having some issues regarding TBB licensing. Before pointing out that this is a technical forum, which I realize and respect,  please note that Intel support sent me here, like in this situation or this other.

The company I work for has a commercial application and we want to use Intel TBB. I will try to outline the platforms I need to support and what license options I've found so far:

Is there a way to reject messages in a flow graph node?

I'm currently working on a legacy system which has a computation model of dependency graph. I tried tbb::flow::graph, which works good.

However, there is a special case in our system: A node could start to reject all future messages after it "sees a certain kind of messages"*. (Its children will also reject messages if one of its parents start to reject) Is there a way to reject messages?

Mac install location conflicts with code signing

tbb dylibs on the Mac are built with an install name path (otool -D) of "libtbb.dylib" (and similar names for all the other tbb libraries), which means that if you link with them as-is and place it inside an app package in the Apple-recommended location, they won't be found and you'll die on launch with

dyld: Library not loaded: libtbb_debug.dylib

  Referenced from: /Users/williams/photoshop/main/photoshop/Targets/Debug_x86_64/Adobe Photoshop CC Photoshop CC 2015

  Reason: image not found

class hierarchy for FlowGraph nodes

Apology's up front if this turns out to be a stupid question: I'm getting my head in a right old tangle with the template functions...

I'm trying to design a reconfigurable flowgraph framework: whereby the actual makeup of the flowgraph can be dynamically created at runtime (from a configuration file). The flowgraph would consist of:

- function_node

- multifunction_node

- source_node

- join_node (working in conjunction with a function_node).

There is only a single datatype flowing through all of these nodes, lets call it CDataClass*.

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