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Hardware-Virtualization for Breakpoints


I spent some time looking for a solution to guest machine corruption caused by bad breakpoints.  This is a big issue for analyzing self-modifying code, you can't reliably re-set breakpoints programmatically that do not use hardware breakpoints (registers).  The solution to this seems to be to add a virtualization layer that implements breakpoints in a buddy-page, sacrificing memory while retaining (reasonable) performance.  

iaca: manually specify start/stop address


This looks like a great tool!

But unfortunately I can't use for the cases that I wanted to try it on. The problem is with source code annotations. One case is a pre-built binary and another case is a program written in Go, and in Go one can't emit assembly. It would be great if the tool would support objdump-like flags to denote start/end of the analyzed region:

$ ./iaca.sh --start-address=0x123 --stop-address=0x456

Would that be possible to do? Looks easy to implement.


I. From Rice University

  1. Prof. John Mellor-Crummey's talk at Supercomputing 2014 (see PinPlay description on slides 6-8):
    Introduction to Correctness and Performance Tools for Parallel Programming. The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC14). Experiencing HPC for Undergraduates: Introduction to HPC Research. New Orleans, LA. November, 2014. 
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  • Intel ESG

    I have a requirement where the incoming message to the Intel ESG is a SOAP with Attachment(SwA) message. The attachment is a .csv file. The ESG has to take the attachment file and place it in the SFTP folder.

    Can someone please help on dealing with the attachment file ? I tried the function get-attachment(ma_key,attachment_position) whose return type is mentioned as Document Object. Not sure how to handle this further.

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