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Возможное будущее микропроцессорной индустрии

В этой статье поговорим о возможном развитии микропроцессорной индустрии. А именно перепрограммирования микропроцессоров на лету.
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  • Announcing Intel Concurrent Collections for Haskell 0.1

    Hello Parallel Programmers!

    Whether you're a functional programmer or not you've probably noticed an increasing number of FP-related concepts circulating in this Age of Parallelism: immutability, implicit parallelism, dataflow, and so on. These ideas seem to be getting around and in fact are alive and well here at Intel. They play a major (though possibly non-obvious) role within Intel Concurrent Collections and we've decided to bring them out to the surface with a Haskell edition of that library.

    Dynamically load javascript with load completion notification

    Here's a javascript function to dynamically load javascript into a page and get a notification (callback) when the script is done loading.

    I used to use the good 'ol window.onload handler - but I've found that this way is better as the Web APIs we're building need to dynamically add scripts to the page that is embedding them and know when the script is done loading!

    The main advantage :

    Intel Mash Maker : Videos and Example Mashups

    Intel® Mash Maker Home


    These are videos of Intel® Mash Maker in use. Videos are currently only available in Windows Media format, but we hope to have other formats available soon, for Mac and Linux users.


    All in one Video

    This video combines several example mashups into one video.

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  • Intel® Concurrent Collections for C++ 0.5.x Getting Started


    • This is Pre-Release Code
    • The prerequisite Software for Install and Set-up
    • Installing the Intel® Threading Building Blocks Library
    • Downloading and Installing the Intel® Concurrent Collections for C++
    • Running the Samples
    • Running Different Versions of Visual Studio on the Same Machine
    • Locate the Documentation
    • Changing, Updating and Removing the Product
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  • SOA Expressway Usecase Series

    And on with some real world use cases of SOA Expressway…

    This one is really interesting. The combination of data transformations, security and SSO – all coming together to address common pain point in creating portals.

    A e-commerce website services that serves tens of millions of users daily, communicating with hundreds of services. Each service only supports its own proprietary XML or JSON format or worse still, custom formats.

    More Parallelism: Congratulations to Microsoft on their Visual Studio* 2010 launch

    Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010 development environment has, for the first time, several new parallelism capabilities built-in.  Combined with Intel® Parallel Studio, I think it is reasonable to say that Windows has the richest and most complete set of tools for multicore programming.  Microsoft has worked with Intel and others, to help tools from both companies interoperate well, and provide a well conceived set of key capabilities for other tools as well.

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