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Readme for Integrated Debugger for Java*/JNI Environments

Integrated Debugger for Java*/JNI Environments

This package contains the following items:

Harmony JDK which is instrumented with VM supporting NCAI (JVMTI
extension) and MMDebug backend.

MMDebug plugin for Eclipse historically called XDBG.

- Windows XP or Linux ia32 system
- Eclipse 3.2 or higher with installed CDT plugin 3.1 or higher
- 1.5 compatible JRE to run Eclipse

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    win_ia32/idebug_win32/harmony-jdk/jre/bin/xdwp_socket.dll win_ia32/idebug_win32/JavaNativeDebuggingEULA.rtf

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  • Intel Mash Maker Documentation

    Intel® Mash Maker home


    Intel® Mash Maker is an extention to your existing web browser tat allows you to easily augment the page that you are looking at with information from other web sites.

    While our long term aim is that Mash Maker should be so easy to use that one does not need to look at documentation, in the short term some documentation is needed, particularly for people creating new mashups, or people trying to work out how Mash Maker works.

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     Table of Contents

    The Basic Interface

    There are several levels at which one can use Intel Mash Maker. We anticipate that the majority of Mash Maker users will use only the basic user interface features described in this document.

    The basic user interface provides enough features to allow a user to apply mashups to the pages they browse. The user will need to use more advanced features if they want to create new mashups or teach Mash Maker about the semantics of a page.

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    A few months ago, I was working with Aaron Tersteeg to make sure that we clearly summarized our involvement with the the Apache Harmony community. We got to talking about a few other projects that that I've been working on. Aaron told me about this "What If Alpha Software" concept that Intel was working to create.

    Intel Software Launches Whatif.intel.com

    A few posts ago I posed the question "What if Intel shared ideas and prototypes early in the development cycle?" to share some of the thoughs that we were having within our team. Internal to Intel Software we all knew about some great projects in the works. But sometime the development cycle can be long and we wanted to ensure that as we built these feature we were working on tools and products that engineers really wanted. So with that in mind we formed a team to get these ideas out the door faster.

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