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Contiguity Checking for Pointer Assignments in the Intel® Fortran Compiler

The Fortran 2008 Standard introduced the CONTIGUOUS attribute for assumed shape arrays and pointers. The CONTIGUOUS attribute may help the compiler optimize more effectively, see However, specifying the CONTIGUOUS attribute for an assumed shape array or pointer that may not be contiguous may lead to incorrect behavior at run-time.

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  • Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library Release Notes and New Features

    This page provides the current Release Notes for Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library. The notes are categorized by year, from newest to oldest, with individual releases listed within each year.

    Click a version to expand it into a summary of new features and changes in that version since the last release, and access the download buttons for the detailed release notes, which include important information, such as pre-requisites, software compatibility, installation instructions, and known issues.

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