Intel® Parallel Studio XE


Used by ?stedc. Computes the Z vector determining the rank-one modification of the diagonal matrix. Used when the original matrix is dense.


Applies back multiplying factors in solving the least squares problem using divide and conquer SVD approach. Used by ?gelsd.


Returns the value of the 1-norm, or the Frobenius norm, or the infinity norm, or the element of largest absolute value of a triangular band matrix.


Performs the orthogonal/unitary similarity transformation of a Hessenberg matrix to detect and deflate fully converged eigenvalues from a trailing principal submatrix (aggressive early deflation).


Applies an elementary reflector to a general rectangular matrix, with loop unrolling when the reflector has order less than or equal to 10.


Computes the square root of the i-th eigenvalue of a positive symmetric rank-one modification of a 2-by-2 diagonal matrix.Used by ?bdsdc.

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