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Using Intel Trace analyzer with windows and VS2015


I'm trying to use Intel Trace analyzer with windows and VS2015 on my CFD code.

In my code, I have many F90 files but different modules and subroutines. Also, I'm linking with other libraries such as PETSc.

I tried to add "/trace" in the additional commands in VS2015 GUI and compile. However, after running my code, there is no *.stf generated.

I then tried to do it in cygwin, on another smaller code, by adding -trace to the compiling and building. Similarly, no *.stf is generated.

I also tried to compile and build directory in the command prompt:

Fortran Compiler for MacOS expired

Hi All,

   My intel fortran and c compiler for macOS are expired. I tried to download them again with my student email, but when I clicked the macOS (C++) and macOS (Fortran) bottom, it always jump out update account. After I filled the correct information and save it, the web page does not change anymore.

Does any one can help me figure how to download it again and get the new series?

Thank you so much


Passing pointer arrays as actual arguments to a subroutine with non-pointer dummy arguments

Dear all,

I am confused with what should be the correct behavior of a Fortran code when one passes overlapping pointer arrays as actual arguments to a subroutine that takes non-pointer arrays as dummy arguments. Please, take a look at the code below:

C++ and Fortran mixed code link error


I’m using Visual Studio 2017 Community with the Intel Fortran compiler. With my current configuration the “C_calls_Fortran" example contained in the “MixedLanguage" package from Intel builds and runs on Win32 but does not fully build on x64. I get a LNK1104 error, cannot open file 'kernel32.lib’ with x64. 


I implemented the configuration setup at:

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