Intel® Parallel Inspector

使用英特尔® Inspector XE 2011 发现多线程代码中的数据竞跑

Intel Inspector XE automatically finds memory errors, deadlocks and other conditions that could lead to deadlocks, data races, thread . Some specific issues associated with debugging multithreaded applications will be discussed in this article.
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  • Intel® Parallel Inspector
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  • Debugging Parallel Code for Fast, Reliable Applications webinar slides

    Webinar slides - Error checking, data races, and deadlock are notorious yet critical issues to track down in threaded apps. Learn new techniques using Intel® Parallel Studio developer tools and save hours of debugging time, while improving application reliability. Intel® Parallel Inspector offers unique threading analysis techniques, drilling down to source code lines where problems can occur, and enabling developers to locate and isolate common threading problems. Learn how to use Parallel Inspector to find memory leaks and common memory overruns. Tap into debugging extension plug-ins and use error checking capabilities found in Parallel Studio to improve application reliability and performance. Recommended companion technical webinars: Find Errors in Windows C++ Applications, and Static Analysis and Intel® C++ Compilers.

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